3Diligent is a rapid manufacturing service provider that brings internet efficiencies to 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Casting, and Molding

3Diligent provides you a secure online portal where you can quickly and easily submit rapid manufacturing projects for fabrication.  With the combination of our expertise and proprietary software, the best suited providers in the market are identified and offered the chance to bid on your project.  Transactions are facilitated on the platform, with 3Diligent managing payments and quality assurance for maximum customer ease and satisfaction.


TCT Magazine interviews 3Diligent CEO Cullen Hilkene about the platform at RAPID 2016




Real Engineers...Enabled by Smart Software

There are lots of ways to manufacture great product.  The trouble is, you may not always know which process, machine, or material is best.  That's where top notch engineers with deep rapid manufacturing expertise are key to 3Diligent's service.

While some companies offer automated quoting (fast but typically high and self-guided for better or worse) and others e-mail manual quotes (slow, difficult to manage and track across vendors), 3Diligent has found a way to bring together the best of both worlds.

In our Marketplace, you can submit an RFQ using our standardized tool and expect a bid within an hour for most projects.  In fact, for all but the most complex projects, you can expect 3-5 bids, typically within a day.  Every bid is informed by real live process engineers analyzing your CADs, drawings, and the other information you provide in our CREATE RFQ tool.  

If you upgrade to a Premium Marketplace subscription, you can also get the benefit of real-time messaging with our engineers regarding your project.  So if you want to understand the logic different providers are applying when they present a bid, you have a single, easy platform to do it with.

Last but not least, with 3Diligent Direct, the level of hands-on support is ratcheted up yet another level.  Expect personal support for your project from the beginning, from 3Diligent's project management to our supply partners' expertise in delivering consistently on-time, to-spec parts.


We offer two distinct services to best meet the demands of our diverse customers

Submit Requests for Quote (RFQs) and engage directly with our qualified suppliers.  Best for well-defined projects not requiring confidentiality.  

Submit RFQs and engage directly with 3Diligent project managers.  Best when seeking support for less defined or confidential projects.


"We used 3Diligent for some custom parts in our assembly panels. Everything arrived on time and to spec, and we saved 30% vs. our previous supplier."

- John Pendleton, CEO, Kansas City Valve and Fitting



Benefits for customers and vendors using our platform


Quality & Experience

3Diligent is committed to the business customer, having qualified and networked the finest rapid manufacturing service providers and most advanced 3D Printing, CNC Machining, and Injection Molding technologies. Many of our supply partners carry formal quality certifications and we guarantee every order executed through our platform. We gather continuous feedback from our customers and vendors to optimize the 3Diligent user experience.

Options, Speed, Savings

Because of our diverse, distributed base of qualified vendors, you are provided an incredible breadth of materials, equipment, and processes in one place. Virtually instant access to the engineers and machinists best equipped to handle your project means you can count on faster turnarounds for your projects. Last but not least, the efficiencies created by our marketplace and dynamic sourcing approach has saved customers up to 75% versus incumbent providers.

Earnings for Suppliers

Making sure expensive equipment is used at or near capacity is a key goal of service providers. 3Diligent supports outstanding service providers by providing them RFQs well-suited to their capabilities and preferences. We also provide insights to its suppliers with respect to industry trends and relative performance to help them grow their business on and off the platform.



Benefits for Customers and Suppliers


  • Guaranteed quality
  • Outstanding value
  • 100s of Materials and Machines
  • Convenience

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  • Access to new business
  • Excess capacity utilization
  • Operational and market insights




Premium Services at Great Prices

From the moment you sign up, it's free to submit an RFQ through 3Diligent Direct.  Projects submitted via 3Diligent direct provide you the full range of RFQ features and professional and industrial technologies and ongoing project management by 3Diligent team members.  3Diligent bundles a small project management fee into your bid amounts, but by utilizing the 3Diligent supplier base - which has been vetted for quality and value - you're likely to still save significantly vs. the competition.

Don't need an industrial grade print?  You're instantly granted a Free Level subscription to our Marketplace.  This grants you the ability to submit your RFQ directly to a range of providers with prosumer grade equipment, allowing for very low prices on parts in PLA and ABS plastic.

Need an industrial grade print, but your project doesn't require confidentiality or project management?  Upgrade to a 3Diligent Marketplace Premium account for $99/month.  You'll have full access to our RFQ features except confidentiality, access to professional and industrial technologies, and the ability to message directly with 3Diligent suppliers.  


If you have a project, we want to hear from you!