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To accelerate innovation by providing companies of all sizes seamless access to cutting edge rapid manufacturing services.  



Born to create market efficiency and advance innovative technologies


With a passion for 3D Printing and the potential it has to fundamentally change the way the world is made, we set out at 3Diligent to develop a business that could accelerate adoption of additive manufacturing.

The vision was to create an additive manufacturing services marketplace where, in the midst of an industry evolving faster than procurement departments could keep up, customers would never have to fear the obsolescence curve.  Instead, the service we provided and the conversations we enabled would provide customers an unbiased perspective, an unmatched breadth of technologies, great prices, and fast turnarounds.  At the same time, we would provide talented service providers a new channel through which to access leads, utilize their capacity, and get perspective on how they stacked up against their peers.  We were excited when customers responded with rave reviews.     

As we came to support new and existing customers in more ways, demand pushed us to offer new services.  We developed partnerships with outstanding providers for CNC Machining, Urethane Casting, and Injection Molding.  Now, we've come to provide customers not only a solution for their 3D Printing needs, but a single partner to support them from prototyping to production.   

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3D Printing’s disruption of the $10T global manufacturing market has begun.  We're doing our best to help it along.


A Game Changing Technology

With its ability to process computer aided design (CAD) data and build an object from the ground up, 3D Printing previously offered an innovative way to design prototypes and models, largely for purely aesthetic purposes. Now, production grade metals and plastics have arrived and the speed of printing is picking up.  With the confluence of reliability, durability, and speed, the range of possibilities is massively expanding.  3D Printing regularly tackles projects ranging from functional prototypes to short production runs and replacement parts.  Design constraints have been lifted on functional printed products, allowing for incredible innovation. Whether NASA reducing the sub-assemblies in its rocket fuel injector from 163 to 2, or doctors printing patient-specific titanium prosthetics from MRI data, the developments have already been astounding.


Cost and Risk

The main issues holding back 3D Printing adoption are awareness and cost.  As an example, most people don't know that you can print in metal, let alone that there are a handful of distinct major metal printing processes.  Those that are in the know deal with the fact that industrial 3D Printing is still prohibitively expensive for most. Industrial grade plastic printers can cost six figures and metal printers are commonly over $1M. Plus, the rate of obsolescence is high, with new "breakthroughs" technologies seemingly appearing every month. Each individual printer has its own set of material, size, resolution, and process limitations, so it’s rare that a company can invest in just one printer and meet all their needs. 3D Printing service providers (a.k.a. service bureaus) have arisen to fill the need for outsourced 3D Printing, but pricing and quality from one vendor to the next is highly variable, and no brick and mortar service provider can provide every process/machine/material combination under its roof.



3Diligent has addressed these issues by networking qualified service providers on a single platform, giving customers on-demand access to the full breadth of 3D Printing. 3Diligent uses data science to identify optimal supply partners for every RFQ and facilitates transactions and quality assurance, guaranteeing quality parts, on time. This allows customers to streamline their supplier base (one partner, one purchase order!) and ensure they are on the cutting edge of new technology without taking on obsolescence risk. It also allows service providers to access project opportunities they otherwise wouldn't see and to get more out of their capital investments before they grow obsolete. 

Our Team and Advisors


Cullen Hilkene


10 years of entrepreneurship and strategy and operations consulting experience across all markets . Entrepreneurial success recognized by the New York Times and Real Dealmagazine. M.B.A., UCLA Anderson. A.B., Princeton University....


Corinne Tosaki

Product manager

More than 17 years of internet company experience. VP of Product Operations at Myspace ...Director of Project Management /Production Support at Spot Runner, an Advertising Marketplace.


Edward Chan

Product Architect

More than 15 years of experience. Co-Founder of Baseline Global, Inc. (International Manufacturing Trade) ... Lead Architect at MySpace (Music and Content). Director of Application Architecture, Spot Runner.


Scott Hilkene


35 years of entrepreneurship and business management. Successful exits of ~$50M (Heartland Corporation 2001) ... and ~$450M (Claire Sprayway, 2012). Key marketing executive for American European Advisors Private Equity.


Girish Venkat


More than 20 years of experience launching highly scalable, robust and secure applications ... . Original Chief Software Architect at Stamps.com. Former CTO at UberMedia. Founder, CEO, and Chief Architect at CoreObjects.


John Ferring


35 years of manufacturing and entrepreneurial experience. Chairman of PLZ Aeroscience ..., the largest aerosol contract packager in North America. Past and present experience serving on over fifteen corporate and charitable boards of directors.


3Diligent is located in El Segundo, California, just south of LAX in the Los Angeles metropolitan area - the nation's finest melting pot of creativity, design, and industry.

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