CAD Design Services

From Idea or Blueprint to Digital 3-Dimensional Reality

3Diligent's Rapid Manufacturing Service is backed up by robust CAD design services and design for manufacturing and design for additive capabilities.  

Design Service Overview

Enabling digital manufacturing are CAD files.  While many companies currently operate with 2D or 2.5D drawings, truly 3 Dimensional data files unlock a company or inventor's ability to access the power of CNC and additive technologies.  To that end, we offer CAD design support to bring your product vision or 2D drawings into a fully actionable 3D file, through in-house resources and a network of domain experts who we know to do excellent work.  Additionally, we offer design for manufacturing and design for additive services, to ensure that your design gets the most out of advanced CAD-driven technologies for the least.


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Seeking support in bringing your concept to reality?  Our CAD Design Services support companies and inventors seeking to convert their blueprints or ideas into fully actionable 3D CAD files


While many part designs can fulfill an intended application, how do you meet the needs of an application with a minimum of cost or time to market?  If this question is on your mind, our Design For Manufacturability service can support you.



While Design For Manufacturability has been a topic for some time, Design For Additive is increasingly on the top of R&D Engineers' minds.  Recognizing the power of 3D Printing, or Additive Manufacturing as it's perhaps more accurately known, many companies are orienting their next generation designs around the unique capabilities of 3D Printing production machines.  Wanting to ensure that your next gen designs or replacement part concepts are making the most of cutting edge technologies?  This service is for you.