Molding and Casting Service

RTV Casting, Lost Wax Metal Casting, Sand Casting, Injection Molding

Rapid Turn Casting Services to Support Demanding Applications

High fidelity casting of urethanes and metals, plus injection molding

Our casting service offers a variety of options to meet your needs, regardless of volume of material need.  From smaller volume RTV and metal casting projects to higher volume sand castings and injection molding, we have you covered.

Don't have the time or inclination to learn about every process that's out there?  Just submit an RFQ and let our experts do the thinking for you, presenting the right solutions for the application.  Not ready to submit an RFQ?  Email us with any questions or a description of your project.




RTV Casting (Room Temperature Vulcanization) is the process of pouring urethane and catalyzing agents in a silicone mold to cast parts.  This process is very effective for short-to-medium run applications requiring moderate durability approaching thermoplastics


For metal parts requiring intricate features (e.g., jewelry, medical), metal casting can be an effective option.  We offer both lost wax casting and sand casting technologies.


Injection molding is an optimal choice for high volume applications requiring true thermoplastic properties.