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3Diligent has supported hundreds of companies in providing digital manufacturing solutions for their most challenging project needs.  If you're interested in experiencing the power of our digital manufacturing solution firsthand, submit an RFQ through our secure portal, or shoot us an email detailing a few of the specifics of your project and we'll be in touch.

3Diligent in the News

With 3Diligent's unique perspective on the rapid manufacturing industry, we're a frequent contributor to industry publications as well as the focus of media.  A few of these are presented below...

Medical Design Technology

3Diligent weighs in on the state of 3D Printing, particularly materials development, for the medical industry 

Target Online

3Diligent CEO Cullen Hilkene speaks to 3D Printing's transition from its historical role as a prototyping technology into one viable for production applications and scale

Los Angeles Business Journal

Garrett Reim profiles 3Diligent as an up-and-coming tech-enabled rapid manufacturing solution


3Diligent CEO Cullen Hilkene is interviewed by Engineering.com about HP's emerging Multi Jet Fusion technology and how it is one signal of 3D Printing's transition from prototyping to production