Directed Energy Deposition

3D Printing Service


Our Directed Energy Deposition 3D Printing Service is capable of delivering you repairs on parts or ground up fabrication of geometries - especially parts larger than 1 cubic foot.  Think DED Printing is optimal for your project?  Submit an RFQ in our secure portal or email us to discuss your project needs. 


Don't care to learn about all the specifics...just need some great directed energy deposition 3D printed parts?  

Submit an RFQ via our secure platform and let our experts do the thinking for you, presenting the right solutions for the application. Or email us with a description of your project and we'll be in touch.


Directed Energy Deposition Process Overview

Directed Energy Deposition is the process of a jetting powdered material into a melt pool.  This melt pool is created by an energy source, typically a laser, which is attached to a machine tool arm.  In this way, the machine tool can build a part up layer-by-layer, or simply build upon an existing part to create new structures or repair damaged ones.  Material is added to the locally molten part in a continual process, like how FDM uses a print head to deposit thermoplastic.  This process family is typically used for extremely large prints.  Not typically known for its accuracy so much as its speed and ability to build upon existing structures, Directed Energy Deposition systems are sometimes coupled with CNC machine tools in the same manufacturing cell to create higher tolerance parts.

Branded Processes (Also Known As)

  • LENS
  • DED
  • Hybrid Printing (and Machining)

Directed Energy Deposition At A Glance

Common Materials

Stainless Steel, Tool Steel

Standard Tolerance


Stock Surface Finish

1000 µin Ra

Lead Time

10-20 Business Days

Maximum Size

60" x 60" x 84" (1500mm x 1500mm x 2100mm)

Minimum Layer Thickness

xxx" (xxxmm)

Minimum Feature Size

0.01" (0.25mm)

Minimum Wall Thickness

xxx" (xxxmm)


  • Strong, End Use Parts - State of the art technology prints durable metal parts
  • Metal Repair - Directed Energy Deposition printers can print metal onto existing parts in need of repair
  • Build Volume - Some DED printers can build parts several feet in each direction
  • Intricate Geometry - 5-axis DED models can produce complicated geometries without support


  • Surface Finish - Surface finish exceeding 1000 µin Ra requires post-processing to achieve the required smoothness for many applications
  • Relaxed Tolerance - Directed Energy Deposition machines can typically achieve a finest tolerance of 0.01” (0.25 mm), making small features difficult

DED Rack and Pinion

Directed Energy Deposition Machines

  • BeAM Magic 2.0
  • Formalloy A222
  • Optomec LENS
  • RPMI 222
  • RPMI 557

RPMI Machine

Example Materials

DED Rack