Large Metal 3D Printed Parts

Large form metal printing on demand

Looking for large metal 3D Printed parts?  3Diligent has you covered.  3Diligent offers the widest range of large form 3D Printing technologies on the market - both plastic and metal.


With regards to large form metal printing we offer some of the largest powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition technologies in the market.  With metal powder bed fusion systems, we can fabricate large metal 3D Printed parts as big as 14" x 14".  These machines allow for high accuracy and feature resolution.  Need to go even bigger?  We can go as large as 7 feet in a given direction with our directed energy deposition technologies.

Other Capabilities

Open to casting?  We also are capable of providing 3D Printed molds and cores through our binder jetting (with sand) and vat photopolymerization technologies, then working with foundries to fabricate large parts.  This can sometimes provide a more cost effective option than direct metal printing. 


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Next Steps

That being said, you simply need to SIGN UP and create an RFQ so that we can quote with the different processes and identify which is the best for your needs. 

Interested to learn more about our metal printing options of all sizes?  Read more about our six metal printing process types here.