Silicone 3D Printing

Silicone 3D Printing on demand

Looking for Silicone 3D Printed parts?  3Diligent has you covered with a range of technologies and material options, including biocompatible silicone across a range of shore value durometer levels.

Should our 3D Printing solutions not be ideal for your particular part or program, 3Diligent also offers silicone through our casting and molding capabilities.  As a result, we can support you from prototype through production.

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Silicone 3D Printing Organ Replica

Silicone 3D Printing Technology

3Diligent offers 3D Printing across a range of technologies.

The most common 3D Printing technology for silicone is extrusion, which offers significant efficiency gains for certain geometries versus traditional casting approaches.  It is strongly recommended that silicone parts are self-supporting, as silicone geometries are prone to collapsing during a 3D Printing build due to the low degree of strength and stiffness in the material.

Process Considerations

3D Printed Silicone is subject to certain key considerations when considering it as an option versus a more traditional casting approach.  One of these is relatively low quantities.  Especially as it relates to the creation of organic parts, such as customized surgical models, this can be ideal given that every person is unique.  Alternatively, geometries that are not especially bulky or blocky may lend themselves to printing versus a traditional casting approach.  Generally speaking, material costs for printed material is higher than that of cast silicone material, so cost advantage is generally created when unit quantities are lower or when part geometries are designed with the process in mind, enabling a reduction in the amount of silicone required.

Extrusion 3D Printed Silicone Parts
Silicone 3D Printing Nose Models


3Diligent Material Options

3Diligent offers a range of silicone options.  Currently, we offer Shore Value 20A, 40A and 60A as our primary silicone offerings, with other shore durometers available in a more limited capacity.  With respect to biocompatibility, 3Diligent's printed silicone has received accreditation from various governing bodies around the world.  Please specify the need for any specific material certifications in your Request For Quote.

Beyond 3D Printing

In addition to 3D Printing of Silicone, 3Diligent offers silicone by way of other digital manufacturing technologies like Casting and Injection Molding.

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