3Diligent Honored as One of the 15 Most Promising Industry 4.0 Startups

Posted on Aug 29, 2019 by Cullen Hikene

We are very excited to announce that 3Diligent was recently honored as one of the most promising Industry 4.0 startups of 2019 by Startup City Magazine. The award followed the decision of a distinguished panel comprising of analysts, CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Editorial Board of Startup City. We are, naturally, extremely proud of the recognition as it comes on the heels of exciting progress for our digital-manufacturing company and the hard work of our team.

Among the other reasons cited for inclusion was the groundbreaking work we’ve done at the forefront of metal 3D printing, with our recent Walters & Wolf project being among the most heavily publicized. We look forward to building on our tremendous momentum and realizing the promise that merited our inclusion in the 15 Most Promising Industry 4.0 Startups of 2019 list. 


Achieving success in the Industry 4.0 era requires companies to embrace an unprecedented rate of change. New machines and materials are announced with breathtaking frequency. Additive-manufacturing technologies are perhaps the poster child of this next Industrial Revolution. It plays a central role in the promise of Industry 4.0 through its ability to produce extraordinarily complex products with effectively zero tooling costs. This means next-generation products can be developed for enhanced performance and mass-customized in a quick, economical manner.

With all of these shifting dynamics, the high rates of obsolescence tied to these emerging technologies and the opportunity to create true competitive advantage by navigating this path successfully, the stakes are high when it comes to digital-manufacturing decisions. Naturally, the path isn’t without its fair share of dead ends and wrong turns. Buying machines can be a costly option fraught with obsolescence risk. Sourcing externally doesn’t provide an easy solution either, as even the biggest job shops are limited in the number of machines and materials they can bring to bear.

Aiming to mitigate these complex industry challenges, 3Diligent offers a different approach to deliver a one-stop-shop to its customers. Like Amazon or Airbnb, it has network qualified manufacturers around the world with the complete range of machines and materials manufacturers seek. For customers with custom parts they seek to have quoted, they need only submit a simple request for quotation(RFQ) on its secure portal at 3Diligent takes care of the rest by leveraging its proprietary software to assess, price, and fulfill orders.

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