3Diligent Marketplace Free – Who Should Use it and When?

Posted on Jan 04, 2017 by Cullen Hikene

We may have announced our new 3Diligent Direct service in September, but our 3Diligent Marketplace has been around since the beginning.

3D Marketplace allows designers to submit a request for quote (RFQ), which is then analyzed and released to a sub-set of our supply partners that are best matched to that project. The designer then receives bids from suppliers interested in the job – typically 3-5 bids – and can select whichever is most compelling.

But what’s the difference between our Marketplace Free and Marketplace Premium services? Aside from being free, there are a few other differences in what is available for designers to select when submitting an RFQ. In particular, Marketplace Free provides you access to desktop printing capability ideal for quick form prototypes.  That said, it doesn’t offer some of the heavier duty equipment and materials available via a Marketplace Premium subscription or our 3D Direct service.  Additionally, fields such as specs and tolerances, finish, and additional assurances aren’t available on Marketplace Free jobs.

Click through to this brief video I made for answers on what 3Diligent Marketplace Free includes and when you should use it.

Stay tuned for more quick videos on our services, company updates and thoughts on industry trends!

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