Additive Manufacturing Webinar Series with NIST-MEP – Register Now!

Posted on Mar 19, 2018 by Cullen Hikene

You may have seen our announcement late last year that 3Diligent had been selected by NIST-MEP to deliver an additive manufacturing webinar series. We’re pleased to share that after presenting the series to a collection of MEP consultants and their clients, the time has now come to register for our public webinar series options.

3Diligent CEO, Cullen Hilkene, will be one of the featured speakers, along with MAGNET’s Senior Design Engineer, Dave Pierson. The series will be facilitated by Catalyst Connection’s Connie Palucka.

The 3-part webinar series focuses on three major topics: introduction to additive technology, process tradeoffs and applications, and practical next steps for companies that are interested in using additive manufacturing technology for prototyping, tooling, replacement parts, or production applications.

Here’s a summary of each of the webinars coming up this month, in April, and in May. Each session will take place from 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m ET.

March 20 & April 17, 2018 –  Introduction to Additive Manufacturing. In this session, we will introduce various concepts related to 3D Printing/additive manufacturing. In it, we will walk through the additive manufacturing process from design to finished part, discuss additive manufacturing industry trends and its relative place in the manufacturing ecosystem, and end with a few general use case applications.

March 27 & May 1, 2018 –  Additive Manufacturing Processes and Applications. In this session, we will dive more deeply into the seven primary additive manufacturing process families: vat photopolymerization, binder jetting, material jetting, material extrusion, sheet lamination, powder bed fusion, directed energy deposition. We will highlight some of the tradeoffs of the processes and offer specific use cases for each.

April 3 & May 8, 2018 – Interested in Additive Manufacturing? Appropriate Next Steps. In this session, we will dig into practical next steps if you would like to pursue additive manufacturing within your organization. We will present key considerations in identifying parts that are the best candidates for additive manufacturing, provide tips on how to design for additive manufacturing, and lastly, offer guidance on the information you’ll need to get parts quoted and fabricated.

You can register for the FREE webinar series here. We look forward to sharing all of our additive manufacturing knowledge, capabilities and experience with you!

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