And the Winners of the 3Diligent 3D Printed Trophy Contest Are…

Posted on Jan 14, 2016 by Cullen Hikene

Trio of classmates at Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City take 3D Printed Trophy Contest Grand Prize

A few months ago – after 30 years and a lot of crummy baseball – the drought finally was over…the Kansas City Royals had won the World Series!

A few days afterwards,  two hardcore Royals fans at 3Diligent HQ (Cullen and Wyatt) started cooking up a notion of how to uniquely celebrate the momentous occasion.  And what they came up with was 3Diligent’s first ever 3D Printed Trophy Contest.

The idea was to take advantage of 3Diligent’s unique place at the crossroads of cutting edge design and industrial grade 3D Printing by inviting all kinds of designers to create the ultimate 3D Printed memento of the World Series victory.  We’d then go out and print the winning trophy via our 3D Printing platform as a gift for the Royals.

The submissions we received did not disappoint.  And when it was all said and done, a team of high schoolers took first prize!

3Diligent offers its hearty congratulations to Samuel Hrabko, Raghav Parikh, and Momin Tahirkheli for winning the 3D Printed Trophy Contest!  $500 cash and $1,000 in platform credit are headed to this trio of up-and-coming designers!  While we received a number of submissions that received top marks when it came to design aesthetics, their submission truly excelled in evoking the spirit of the team and Kansas City’s support for it.  We loved the true-to-life representation of the city skyline and names of the 25-man roster, but perhaps most of all the way the design reflected the community’s support for the team.  We thought the message at the base of the trophy “Supported By The Fans” and the fan figurines encircling the base were really cool touches.  And we think anyone who followed the season would agree that fan support was central to KC’s season – from almost voting in a full starting 9 at the All-Star Game to 800,000 fans (almost 40% of the metro population!) showing up at Union Station for the championship parade.


The design team highlighted the Kansas City community’s support of the Royals as part of their design

Sam, Raghav, and Momin are classmates in Bill Griffiths’ 3D Printing class at the Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City, Missouri.  We at 3Diligent care excited by how the educational market has embraced 3D Printing, and our thanks go out to Pembroke Hill and Mr. Griffiths’ for helping nurture the next generation of design through their classrooms.  In recognition of their support for providing this unique opportunity to young designers, we are providing $250 in platform credit to Mr. Griffiths’ class at PHS for future 3D Printing projects.

Thanks to everyone who participated in or followed the contest!  Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Best Regards,

Cullen, Wyatt, and The 3Diligent Team

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