Better Management of Customer Relationships in the Era of COVID-19

Posted on Jun 24, 2020 by Cullen Hikene

A New Kind of Business

Before the pandemic, customers could pay a visit to your shop take a look at parts and finishes and have the sort of dialogue that fosters great connectivity and ultimately a better product. While that is a tough thing to replicate while adhering to social distance, 3Diligent may have created the closest alternative with their new Shopsight Connect offering. Shopsight Connect is one of the subscription packages offered by 3Diligent under its Shopsight manufacturing excellence product line that offers better management of customer relationships.

New to Shopsight?

Shopsight launched in the U.S. during the pandemic peak—at a time when there wasn’t a lot of airtime available for new not related to the world’s plight so 3Diligent contributed to the pandemic response providing free instances of the Shopsight software to help coordinate face shield production for first responders.

Within Shopsight there is a module for estimating projects and a module for running your shop floor to gain better visibility to the success of your operations. The most sought after Shopsight feature is its integration with Zoom video conferencing software and the tie-in to ProdEX, the 3Diligent procurement service for rapid manufacturing. Video integration and the integration with ProdEX set the Shopsight product apart from competitors.

With Shopsight you and your team will have better management of customer relationships through video dialogue with your customers—all within the secure confines of the Shopsight portal. In addition, you have easy access to data stored within the Shopsight system. This makes it easy to discuss quotes or project status with all the information just clicks away.

While the video chat feature is unmatched in the industry, it’s the ProdEX integration that truly propels Shopsight far above the offerings of other shop-management systems. During times like these, activity in your shop may be hit or miss. Some suppliers are running at maximum capacity fulfilling orders for items that are of greater need during the pandemic, while other suppliers are experiencing greater idle time. This excess and idle capacity are readily addressed using Shopsight and opting in to receive ProdEX job opportunities.

3Diligent’s business was founded in 2014 as a procurement service for rapid manufacturing by offering a wide range of manufacturing services. That vision persists to this day, but 3Diligent understands excellence in manufacturing certain projects mandate direct exchanges between the product designers, buyers, and manufacturers of the final goods. To address this, 3Diligent now offers three options for customers to submit RFQs. They can continue using 3Ddiligent as their manufacturer of record with ProdEX Auto and ProdEX PM or they can access the ProdEX Connect option in which our software connects matching suppliers with customer demand.

Within the Shopsight portal, manufacturers now have a lead-generation feature they can use to engage with customers handpicked by the proprietary matching engine 3Diligent has developed for ProdEX. In this way, Shopsight users save time and resources usually invested in prospecting and are able to instead spend time engaging with qualified customers. These customers have subscribed in order to have the opportunity to speak directly with someone capable of completing their project.

Shopsight software is available to a subscriber at any level but access to ProdEX job opportunities requires the manufacturer to complete a qualification process. Completion ensures the qualifying manufacturer will not compete against inexperienced or unqualified competitors but rather only those suppliers that have demonstrated their suitability through an assessment of past project success with 3Diligent or your own independent quality certifications.

3Diligent charges a monthly subscription fee for the use of Shopsight and a small percentage of transactions facilitated through the portal. Suppliers are required to process transactions with our customers through the system in order to maintain their Shopsight subscription.

Shopsight is extraordinarily powerful software available by subscription to provide qualified job opportunities tailored to specific capabilities. 

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