Meet 3Diligent at MD&M Philadelphia!

Posted on Oct 02, 2015 by Cullen Hikene

3Diligent Experts in Booth 1012

Next week on Wendesday, October 7th and Thursday, October 8th, 3Diligent will be at MD&M Philadelphia, the East Coast’s premier manufacturing event!  We’ll be there along with hundreds of other industry experts showing off some of the latest innovations from the manufacturing industry.

Come pay us a visit in Booth 1012!  If you’re looking for landmarks on the floor plan, we’re just south of the main stage and in the Design & Manufacturing Section. If you or your friends in the Philly area don’t have a ticket, just let us know ASAP and we can arrange a free pass for you.  You can email us at

We’ll be there to answer any questions you might have about 3D Printing, Rapid Manufacturing, and Sourcing Smarter through the 3Diligent platform.  If you have specific questions about a particular project you’re undertaking, we’re happy to weigh in and offer our perspective.

We’ll hope to see you there in the City of Brotherly Love!

The Details

Who: Your friends at 3Diligent

What: MD&M Philadelphia, the largest Med-Tech event in the Four-State Region

When: Wednesday October 7th – Thursday October 8th (10am – 4pm)

Where: Philadelphia Convention Center

Where1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA

Why: You’re interested in 3Diligent, 3D Printing, Rapid Manufacturing, and/or would enjoy taking a stroll amidst some of the most cutting edge manufacturing equipment in the world.

3Diligent in Booth 1012 at the heart of the Design & Manufacturing Philly show

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