Portal – A game changer for shops during the Pandemic (and after it’s over too!)

Posted on Jan 10, 2021 by Cullen Hikene

Just before the holidays, we had a big announcement: we launched 3Diligent Portal.

3Diligent Portal was born from the unique circumstances of her current market. Customers and suppliers need new ways of communicating, as traditional ways of engaging with suppliers are impacted by Coronavirus. The impact of Covid-19 has made both giving the best possible experiences to existing customers, getting new ones, and maintaining relationships with them all the more important.

3Diligent Portal, a great tool for shopsight users

Portal in a Nutshell

Every supplier who creates a free 3Diligent Shopsight account will have a free Portal page created for them too. Like a cross between a LinkedIn page and an Airbnb listing, it’s the place where manufacturers like you can share more about your business, expand your identity on the internet, and transact business online. As we’ve noted before, having a great online presence isn’t something that most shops had to worry about in the past, but it’s all the more important these days.

Giving Your Customers a Better Experience

One of the truly exciting aspects of Portal besides the free marketing is the functionality. The Get Quote button feeds directly into our ProdEX RFQ flow and is delivered directly into the Shopsight account of our manufacturing partners. They’re acquainted with and then handled by the supplier through automatic issuance of an instant quote, or through dialogue using the integrated Zoom phone call tools, conveniently baked into the software platform. In this way, suppliers can provide their customers a useful way to engage them, with no upfront cost. As we’ll touch on later, manufacturers can take this convenience to the next level by integrating the quote button and RFQ flow into their website.

3Diligent Portal Gives Your Customers a Better Experience

Servicing Customers Easily

The flip side of the better experience coin is that your business is also provided the ability to process interested customers more effectively. Using your Portal page, emphasize capabilities you have and the ones you don’t have so that the inquiries that come to you are well-informed. In addition to that, using the integrated RFQ capability within the site, you can either choose to engage customers directly or instantly quote the work that they send to you. Either way, you will be able to engage with customers the way you want to; and to the extent there are opportunities to offer instant quotes or even instant estimates, the software enables that.

Differentiating Your Product Offering

The next great benefit of Portal is that it helps you differentiate your product offering. Unlike other web platforms that keep you behind a curtain as it relates to servicing the needs of customers, Portal allows you to grow relationships directly with customers. This page can help you differentiate your business from that of hundreds of other companies that may have similar equipment or material offerings. Let the personality and professionalism of your business shine through.

3Diligent Portal Differentiating Your Product Offering

Accessing New Business

In addition to better handling existing customers, Portal also offers the benefit of accessing entirely new business.  Portal does this through its integration into 3Diligent’s Vulcury software platform and its user network.  Users of 3Diligent’s ProdEX Connect procurement software see listings of qualified Shopsight users that advertise on the platform. When customers see these listings, they can click in to access the Portal profile of the manufacturer.  A great Portal profile sets you apart and allows you to access more qualified business.

No Upfront Cost

One of the best things about Portal is that it is free. Sign up for a free Shopsight account, and a Portal page is automatically provided to you along with it. Once your account is provisioned, you can have a Portal page ready to edit and share with customers within hours. 3Diligent Portal is powered by a small percentage (5% or less) of transactions that flow through your Portal page, helping us grow with you. With paid Shopsight subscriptions, you can process Portal transactions for even less!

3Diligent Portal, and Easy Path to Enhancing Your Website

An Easy Path to Enhancing Your Website

Last but not least, the benefits of Portal can be extended to your own marketing website. Integrate the Get Quote button directly into your own website and receive RFQs seamlessly from Portal, ProdEX, and your own website.  Additionally, you get a discounted rate for processing transactions, which decreases more with different levels of paid Shopsight subscription. Reach out to us about opportunities for integrating the quoting functionality into your website.   


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