Service Bureaus – Powering Access to a Range of 3D Printing Solutions

Posted on Jun 02, 2020 by Cullen Hikene

According to Wohlers Report 2018, independent service bureaus worldwide account for about $3 billion in revenue for additive-manufacturing sales in 2017. This number excludes large, in-house service providers such as Stratasys.

What are Service Bureaus?

Service bureaus are companies that provide manufacturing services for a fee and are a significant sector within the 3D printing industry. The “service” portion of their name comes from the fact that they are commonly involved in the process of product development, offering services above and beyond simply manufacturing parts.  Machine shops or job shops, in contrast, are not as universally associated with value-added services like product design.

3Diligent ProdEX

3Diligent ProdEX is a cloud-based, digital-manufacturing service providing you with instant access to service bureaus around the globe. You can receive instantaneous quotes for custom additive-manufactured parts on-demand. ProdEX represents service bureaus with thousands of material and technology options that can meet even your most specific additive-manufacturing need. Choose the best provider based upon available processes, capacity, standards, delivery time, or cost—or any combination thereof.

Using our proprietary process, you can filter by process or material to quickly and easily drill down to only those service bureaus able to produce your component using your specifications. ProdEX will dynamically identify the best production centers for the job based upon these specs to ensure you get optimal material, machine, finish, confidentiality requirements, or inspection and quality certification services you demand.

3Diligent ProdEX is your sourcing solution for Industry 4.0. It’s an additive-manufacturing service representing the world’s most cutting-edge technologies for the on-demand manufacturing of prototypes, replacement parts, and bridge production.

The Best Price for Additive Manufacturing

The ProdEX platform ensures tremendous value while providing a premium service. There is no cost to submit an RFQ or to receive quotes for the completion of your project or program. We emphasize the highest levels of quality and service and customers commonly report significant savings versus their incumbent suppliers.

Providing binder jetting service, directed energy deposition service, material jetting service, material extrusion service, powder bed fusion service, and vat photopolymerization service, your search for additive-manufacturing service bureaus has never been easier or produced more reliable results.

Using the ProdEX online application, create an account, upload your CAD drawing, and choose a material and technology to receive quotes matching your exact requirements. If you are unsure about the best material or process, 3Diligent’s team of experts will help you determine optimum solutions.

In addition to dozens of additive manufacturing equipment options, 3Diligent ProdEX represents thousands of materials types service bureaus offer. Using the propriety material search and equipment search tools, finding the best material for the best machine is as easy as a simple web search.

High-Quality Rapid Manufacturing

Service bureaus in the ProdEX network of providers complete the manufacturing process with a visual inspection and quality assurance process to guarantee quality parts that meet your specifications. 3Diligent stands behind every component ordered.

Service Bureaus Near Me

The evolution from prototyping to production is different for every project, which means different machines, materials, and investments for each stage of the process. No single provider can produce every possible component, especially in the rapidly evolving space of additive manufacturing, and that’s where you will benefit most with ProdEX. The application uses the power of cloud computing to leverage a global network of qualified service bureaus to complete additive-manufacturing projects on demand.

Using ProdEX, service bureaus no longer need to be down the street. ProdEX enables you to search next door and across continents with a few keystrokes.

Get the product you expect in the material you need. Whatever your project requirements, 3Diligent’s got you covered.

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