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A Consulting Firm Born Of and Laser Focused On Digital Manufacturing

3Diligent Consulting is the West Coast’s pre-eminent firm for Industry 4.0 consulting.  3Diligent Consulting combines the unique perspective of a contract manufacturer and leading management consultancy. In building 3Diligent Manufacturing and our related fabrication network, we have lived the realities of additive prototyping, production, and aftermarket support.  We combine this unique perspective with formal management consulting experience advising Fortune 500 companies.  For all things related to digital manufacturing, from design to strategic advisory, 3Diligent Consulting is equipped to support your company throughout its Industry 4.0 journey.


The 3Diligent Consulting Story

In 2014, Cullen Hilkene was a manager with Deloitte Strategy and Operations Consulting (now Monitor Deloitte Consulting) enamored with the possibilities of 3D Printing and Industry 4.0.  Recognizing the disruptive power of additive manufacturing but the inherent difficulty of companies seeking to utilize these emerging technologies due to cost and obsolescence, Cullen left Deloitte to found 3Diligent, the “Digital Manufacturing Partner for Every Business.”  The concept was to provide customers seamless access to the entire range of digital manufacturing technologies through a single web platform, backed by a global network of manufacturers that had been qualified by 3Diligent to deliver parts on-time and to-spec.

Fast forward through five years of on-the-ground learning, tremendous growth, and related accolades, and the 3Diligent team was presented with a unique opportunity.  By launching a consulting arm, 3Diligent could not simply support customers when they are ready to utilize cutting edge digital manufacturing technologies, but to also share key insights on how to design for additive or craft a prudent Industry 4.0 strategy.  Recognizing this unique opportunity to better serve 3Diligent customers and advance adoption of the technology, 3Diligent Consulting was born.

The Value Proposition

3Diligent offers a wholly unique value proposition that enables it to unlock value within your organization in a way that no other consultancy can:

Boots on the Ground Insights

3Diligent Consulting is uniquely capable of drawing insights from on-the-ground operations at 3Diligent, providing it an unmatched perspective on the current state of the market.


Unbiased Perspective

3Diligent Consulting is not owned or operated by a major OEM within the additive manufacturing market. As a result, recommendations better accommodate the full range of technologies and materials available in market as opposed to an explicit or implicit bias toward options that conveniently sit under the same corporate umbrella.

Analytical Rigor

3Diligent Consulting boasts the pedigree of Top-5 strategy consulting experience that few additive manufacturing consultancies can offer. It shows in the quality of thinking and work product we can deliver.

Geographically Focused

3Diligent Consulting is headquartered in El Segundo, minutes south of Los Angeles International Airport. We are focused on the North American market, with a bias toward West Coast engagements. This allows for senior leadership to be directly involved in each engagement and aligned communication to make for efficient engagements.


Consulting projects are all unique and as a result are priced on a case-by-case basis.  Both hourly and fixed fee contracts are possible depending on the nature of the engagement.

3Diligent provides the analytical rigor of a top-tier consultancy, but is able to offer that at very competitive rates relative to larger consultancies due to our laser focus on Industry 4.0.  Instead of paying for overhead and the salaries of partners you'll never meet, you have more capital to allocate against your business needs.

For Design Consulting projects, 3Diligent will commonly extend 3Diligent Manufacturing platform credit to help bring designs developed through 3Diligent Design Consulting into a tangible reality.

Our Practice Areas


Have a need? Please send a description of your project to consulting@3diligent.com to begin.