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The arrival of additive manufacturing has led to an explosion of creativity with regards to the design world.  No longer constrained by certain limitations of traditional technologies, designers have been enabled to create geometries that were implausible if not impossible to produce just a few short years ago.  As a result, better performance through superior geometries, part consolidation through elimination of sub-assemblies, and waste reduction through redesign for the process are but a few ways that companies are taking advantage of these recent technological innovations.  It is no wonder then that companies have embraced Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) as a key skill for rising design engineers.

Still, it's one thing to design a part in CAD software and quite another to fabricate it. That's where 3Diligent Design Consulting comes in.  With a robust body of additive fabrication knowledge and the power of the 3Diligent Manufacturing network at your disposal, 3Diligent Design Consulting provides you an unmatched partner in building or refining designs that take you to the next level rather than back to square one.

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3Diliigent Design Consulting is laser focused on Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).  Please review some of our service offerings below.


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