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Seeking to build an entirely new design, free of the baggage from that of legacy ones? Generative design may be for you. Utilizing advanced software and our additive manufacturing experience and expertise, a wide variety of designs — built literally from the ground-up — can be provided to you.  In this way, you can fully unlock the power of additive to deliver the best possible combination of price and performance.

3Diligent Generative Design Support Structure

Generative Design Overview

Generative design describes the process of feeding specific parameters into advanced software and allowing it to algorithmically create design options based on those inputs. This operation optimizes for any number of performance characteristics; be it weight, strength, or a target density. This is how generative gets its name - because the design software literally generates the designs from the ground up.  It can also be described as parametric design, based on the parameters input into the software.

Of course, it is not only software that unlocks the power of generative design.  While the software can create a wide variety of concepts, these designs are often extraordinarily complex, and sometimes entirely outside the bounds of practical manufacturability.  This is where 3Diligent's expertise truly kicks in.  Beyond simply being able to create a wide variety of prospective design options, 3Diligent Design Consulting can apply its practical knowledge in manufacturing parts across a wide variety of technologies to take these algorithm-generated designs and turn them into a part optimized for manufacture with a specific process and material.  More often than not, the manufacturing process of choice is one of of our various additive manufacturing technologies. CNC Machining and Casting can also be viable options.


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