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The Right Material Selection

So you’ve identified a part that you think is suitable for additive manufacturing. Which material will you use to realize the product vision?  If you are not planning to use the previously approved material, know that certain materials are not readily available for additive applications.  Whether or not your material is available for additive fabrication, is it truly the best choice for the application?  Given that you are considering a process change, why not also certify your production around a modern material that is perfect for the task at hand?

stainless steel 3d printing with titanium 3d printing

Material Selection Overview

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of the emergence of 3D Printing is the sheer volume of material options available to you. Unlike in traditional manufacturing technologies where material properties are well-defined before the process begins, 3D Printing material properties are actually established during the manufacturing process itself. This means that there are an incredible range of potential options with regards to material properties. Additionally, the flexibility that 3D Printing provides has allowed for the advent of a wide range of different resins, plastics, and metal alloys; some of which are proprietary to particular OEMs.

Recognizing this incredible breadth of material options and the way that that material library is rapidly growing as it relates to all of these different 3D Printing processes, a company with a broad base knowledge of the entire 3D Printing landscape can be invaluable when making product decisions. This thinking can create value both before and after you have established a design concept.

3Diligent is company with exactly this breadth of knowledge. Across our thousands of material and machine combinations, we have been able to establish an understanding of which materials are capable of achieving which ends and more importantly perhaps the extent to which those materials are available in market for you to scale your manufacturing efforts.

So reach out with your needs; we look forward to guiding you to the right solution.


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