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Strategic Advisory Services for Industry 4.0

Additive manufacturing is having a fundamentally transformational impact on companies.  Fully realized, additive manufacturing stands to dramatically restructure the supply chain – a fact evidenced by 3Diligent’s own digital fabrication network, which spans 6 continents and nearly 250 fabrication centers.  Having a robust Industry 4.0 strategy is critical for success in this rapidly evolving environment.

The extent to which individual companies need to embrace a wholesale restructuring of their supply chain and how they should incorporate additive manufacturing into that future state varies.  Depending on the unique circumstances of any given corporation, additive may be utilized to accelerate prototyping, enhance performance and economics of production parts, enable zero inventory spare part fulfillment, and/or enhancement of tooling, which may underpin every aspect of the product lifecycle.

3Diligent Strategy Consulting is capable of helping you and your organization consider challenges including:

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The following represent our core engagement focus areas. Projects may focus on one singular domain or may span multiple domains.


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