Additive Manufacturing Strategy

3Diligent Strategy Consulting

Industry 4.0 and Additive Strategy

3D Printing stands to have a fundamentally disruptive impact on the operations of innumerable manufacturing companies. What is your additive manufacturing strategy to win in the market? Will you use additive to accelerate your prototyping process? Will you use it to empower your shop operations with custom tooling? Will you push your next-generation designs to the limit to achieve unprecedented performance? Will you service your aftermarket-part needs with additively manufactured replacements?

Will you do all of these things?

What Role Should Additive Play in Your Organization?

This is a question that every company should be asking if they are making products today. For some organizations additive may strictly play the role of a prototyping technology. For others, it has a roll on the shop floor helping create tooling jigs and fixtures. For still others it is a viable solution for spare or aftermarket part fabrication and even next generation production parts. The ongoing challenge is understanding which of those particular use cases your organization should be tapping into. Much of the decision making ties out to the vision you have for your particular organization and where it is that you intend to compete in the market. 3Diligent brings the experience our strategy and operations background — in addition to our tangible knowledge at 3Diligent Manufacturing — to provide you the appropriate perspective to make informed decisions on this topic.


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