Business Case Development

3Diligent Strategy Consulting


Additive has grabbed a lot of headlines, but in that same breath many argue that it hasn’t fulfilled the hype. To what extent does additive make sense for your organization? What are the key economic and strategic considerations that must be weighed when deciding a path forward. 3Diligent Strategy Consulting’s deep analytical expertise allows it to analyze these questions in both a qualitative and quantitative way. Through our assessment rubrics, you can achieve clarity on the business case, both at a business unit and specific part level.

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Your Personalized Business Case Development

Additive manufacturing at this stage in its development typically provides you the wherewithal to make just about anything — but the question is not really "can you make something" but rather "should you make something." This is where 3Diligent business case development projects can help you.

Zooming out to a macro level, 3Diligent provides a wealth of tangible data to help display the underlying costs of purchasing a part from the broader market vs. trying to build out that capacity in house. In this way, the appropriate business case can be built to support the structure of your business — no matter what that structure is.



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