Parts Assessment for Additive Suitability

3Diligent Strategy Consulting

Is Additive Your Best Option?

While additive manufacturing can be utilized to manufacture just about anything, is it really the best tool to accomplish the task at hand?  In reality, the answer to that question is no the vast majority of the time, at least insofar as you seek to transfer a current design directly from a traditional process to an additive one.

3Diligent Strategy Consulting leverages 3Diligent Manufacturing’s five years of project work to know which parts are suitable for additive manufacturing.  Moreover, our deep analytical background allows for assessment of whether the economics of manufacturing additively makes sense.


Years in the Industry

One of the biggest challenges in the world of additive manufacturing is identifying those use cases — when and where 3D Printing is not only a viable technology, but the preferred technology for the application. The harsh reality is that very few parts that were designed for other processes will crossover seamlessly to a superior additive manufacturing process. That being said, however, those occasions do exist — and further, with a little bit of additional design for manufacturing, the universe of these parts dramatically expands.

The 3Diligent Parts Assessment for Additive Suitability project type addresses this exact issue. Leaning on the massive database of material and machine options provided by 3Diligent Manufacturing, we are able to provide robust assessments of existing part libraries and weed through hundreds of thousands of parts to arrive at those candidates which are truly worth prioritizing for potential transition into additive.


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