Supply Chain Strategy

3Diligent Strategy Consulting

Does Additive Fit in Your Supply Chain?

How should your organization think about Industry 4.0 as it relates to your supply chain?  Can you integrate additive assets into your existing supply chain?  Are the green field buildout of new fabrication centers that are committed to additive required?  How many, and where?

The answers to these questions are achieved through in-depth assessments of your existing supply chain and where 3D Printing can find a home within it.

Supply Chain Strategy Overview

The rise of digital manufacturing technologies — such as 3D printers — has caused leading manufacturers to reconsider their supply chain strategy. Given the dexterity of these new technologies in fabricating parts on demand, the traditional approaches to stocking spare inventory no longer apply. Traditional safety stock values are impacted and, in some cases, completely eliminated; allowing for a zero-inventory strategy.


Our projects in supply chain strategy help companies sort through their approaches to refining their supply chain for the future ahead. In a typical engagement, we will take stock of a company's existing supply chain assets, their current plans as it relates to digital manufacturing, and sort through an appropriate approach to the future that lies ahead. Analyses supporting such decisions draw from 3Diligent's extensive experience with providing digital solutions to customers through our manufacturing service. In this way, concrete recommendations that truly account for the capabilities and limitations of different digital manufacturing technologies, especially 3D printers, are made possible.


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