Voice of Customer

3Diligent Strategy Consulting

What Do Your Customers Want?

Are your customers clamoring for additive?  Probably not, because they don’t know what introducing additively manufactured parts can do for their business.  But as Steve Jobs noted, the secret to a product breakthrough comes from knowing what your customer wants before they know they want it.

Through our Voice of Customer studies, we gather the perspectives of the relevant parties in your purchase decision.  From those discussions, we assess the relative impact that additive-enabled innovations would bring to them.

Voice of Customer Overview

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is understanding weather and how to integrate digital manufacturing into their customer strategies. Digital manufacturing solutions like 3D Printing allow for mass customization in ways that have never previously been possible. Additionally, 3D Printing holds the promise of  delivering custom solutions, whether they be new products or old products, in a much faster way than previously considered possible.

But do these benefits matter to your customers? Is there an opportunity to surprise and delight them with some of these unique innovations? Is their willingness to pay for such innovation significant enough to justify the upfront investment required to deliver it?

These are the questions that 3Diligent Consulting voice of customer studies can deliver for our clients. Serving as an independent third-party, we are able to survey, interview,  and hold focus group discussions with customers to tease out their interests. In turn, this can provide an extremely valuable input to your corporate strategy as it relates to the integration of digital manufacturing solutions.

3Diligent Consulting is uniquely capable of exploring the opportunity space with your customers because of our extremely deep experience delivering digital manufacturing solutions with our 3Diligent manufacturing service.  


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