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Providing Industry-Specific Support Through Our Global Network

Software and Services Built with Industry In Mind

At 3Diligent, we are empowered by the unique capabilities of digital manufacturing to deliver solutions for a broad range of industries. Our ProdEX procurement solution helps companies across industries get the products they need, whether meeting the demands of the FAA, FDA, or NHTSA.  3Diligent's Shopsight solution was designed to be flexible for use across industries, so long as quality is top of mind.  Lastly, 3Diligent's Additive Consulting practice brings nuanced knowledge of different industries to the table.


The Aerospace market demands the highest levels of performance.

Through 3Diligent ProdEX, aerospace companies have seamless access to AS9100 certified facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and space-grade materials.


Through 3Diligent Shopsight, aerospace companies can manage their workflows and analyze production to consistently deliver on programs.



The Automotive market demands the precision of medical or aerospace with the price pressures of a consumer product.

ProdEX empowers cost-effective delivery of the highest quality parts through dynamic fulfillment and Industry 4.0 efficiencies.  Certain facilities carry ISO/TS 16949 certifications if needed.

Shopsight helps shop operators to better deliver solutions that meet the needs of the automotive market.


The wide range of construction opportunities is further expanded by the possibilities that digital manufacturing technologies provide. From increasing structural strength, to utilizing modern materials, to improving weight ratios, to exploring complex architectural designs — Industry 4.0 is quite literally paving new roads.

Construction Industry Walters & Wolf Case StudySee construction and metal 3D Printing in action with this case study: How 3Diligent Helped Walters & Wolf Manufacture the Look of Seattle's Iconic Rainier Square Tower


Consumer products commonly must embody creativity and cost effectiveness to achieve customer satisfaction.

ProdEX helps consumer products companies rapidly iterate innovative prototype concepts and fulfill production runs cost effectively.

Shopsight helps consumer products shop managers craft better designs and scale up production.

See 3D Printing at work in the tech industry with this case study: How a Southern California Design Consultancy Delivers 3D Printing Through 3Diligent


The Defense sector is a key contributor to the most cutting-edge solutions in manufacturing.

ProdEX's distributed global manufacturing network with a strong domestic presence empowers defense sourcing of metal, polymer, and composite parts.

Shopsight helps defense suppliers better streamline their operations to deliver what the armed forces need. 


The energy industry powers the operations of every part of our economy.

ProdEX supports widespread global energy operations with its global manufacturing network. Featuring an incredible range of technologies including some of the biggest 3D printers in the market, ProdEX delivers for the energy industry.

Shopsight serves as a key solution for energy companies looking to more effectively iterate in their product development and scaled production.


Heavy Industry knows manufacturing. It is manufacturing.

ProdEX offers a wide range of industrial-grade materials and technology options to meet the demands of heavy industry. Whether seeking metal or plastic, small parts or very large, we have the solution.

Shopsight shop management software empowers industrial product operators by ensuring stringent requirements for both cost and quality can be met.


The healthcare industry is a prominent part of the economy, delivering tremendous manufacturing innovation.

ProdEX offers medical-device manufacturers and providers cutting-edge solutions such as biocompatible materials and next-generation 3D printing tools to support medical innovation.

Shopsight empowers manufacturing operations built around quality and auditability.

3Diligent example of medical device created with rapid manufacturingSee Industry 4.0 at work in the medical industry with this case study: How One Mechanical Engineer Uses 3Diligent to Cost Effectively Bring Biocompatible Metal 3D Printing to Orthopedic Surgeons


The high-tech industry is a growing part of everyone's daily life.

ProdEX allows tech innovators to rapidly iterate designs and explore high-performance materials and technologies.

Shopsight helps tech companies run streamlined operations to bring the next big thing to market.

Tech Industry 3Diligent Case StudySee 3D Printing at work in the tech industry with this case study: How a Southern California Design Consultancy Delivers 3D Printing Through 3Diligent


Telecommunications keep us in touch wherever we go.

ProdEX supports telecom with innovative materials and technologies.

Shopsight helps telecom companies manage their internal operations with greater quality and efficiency.