3Diligent Marketplace

Fast and Affordable Parts Procurement


Desktop 3D Printing On Demand


There are some projects that require heavy duty equipment, materials, and confidentiality.  And there are others where you just need lightning fast quotes, desktop 3D printing, and delivery without all the trappings of high-end rapid manufacturing.  For those projects, 3Diligent Marketplace is your solution.

When you submit an RFQ to the 3Diligent Marketplace, we assess the job and release it to a curated marketplace of desktop printing providers.  If your project catches the eye of a provider, they'll offer you an all-in bid to do the work and deliver the part(s) to you, including a target date for delivery.  Some projects may receive multiple bids - sometimes as many as five.  You can accept a job on the spot and 3Diligent handles all the payment processing, so you can keep your accounting simple and your purchasing seamless.  

The Marketplace only offers desktop 3D Printing in ABS and PLA plastic, so check out 3Diligent Direct if you've got more extensive needs than this service level can deliver.



Learn more about 3Diligent Marketplace Free Level in the video below...