Mission Statement & Vision

3Diligent, ProdEX, Shopsight, & Consulting Services

3Diligent’s Mission Statement

3Diligent's mission is to empower innovators by providing the solutions that accelerate and empower digital manufacturing.  

3Diligent’s Vision

At 3Diligent, we believe amazing things can happen if we simply allow those people tasked with designing and sourcing products easier access to the world's manufacturing tools and expertise. We strive to accomplish this by providing a seamless web portal where you can submit a single Request For Quote (RFQ), and through our service effectively access the collective manufacturing power of thousands of manufacturing experts equipped with cutting edge technologies and engineering materials. 3Diligent is the partner that understands the challenges of bringing a product from prototype to production, and we constantly strive to improve product development and ongoing product life cycle management by providing intuitive web tools, strategic and design consulting, and the highest quality manufactured parts, on-time, and to-spec.

Our vision continues to this day, with our commitment to providing a superior customer experience, consistent quality, ever-expanding material and machinery options, and great value through the combined power of our fabrication network. Whether you are seeking 3D printing, CNC machining, casting, or injection molding, we have you covered.