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To empower innovators and outstanding manufacturers by providing companies of all sizes seamless access to cutting edge digital manufacturing services. 

3Diligent, a network for industrial grade advanced manufacturing


Delivering the Distributed Digital Manufacturing Future  


At 3Diligent, we believe that amazing things can happen if we simply allow those people tasked with designing and sourcing products with easier access to the world's manufacturing tools and expertise. We strive to accomplish this by providing a seamless web portal where you can submit a single Request For Quote (RFQ), and through our service effectively access the collective manufacturing power of thousands of manufacturing experts equipped with cutting edge technologies and engineering materials. 3Diligent is the partner that understands the challenges of bringing a product from prototype to production, and we constantly strive to improve product development and ongoing product life cycle management by providing intuitive web tools, strategic and design consulting, and the highest quality manufactured parts, on-time and to-spec.


Our vision continues to this day, with our commitment to providing a superior customer experience, consistent quality, ever-expanding material and machinery options, and great value through the combined power of our fabrication network.  Whether you are seeking 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Casting, or Injection Molding, we have you covered.

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Supporting Designers, R&D, Procurement, and Inventors Across Industries

Whether you are seeking 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Casting or Injection Molding, we have the machinery and materials to meet and exceed the expectations for your program. Every vendor on the 3Diligent platform has gone through a thorough vetting process to confirm the quality of their craftsmanship and expertise in the realm of rapid manufacturing. 3Diligent's supplier base is broad, ensuring that regardless of the material or rapid manufacturing process desired, we should be able to meet your needs.

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3Diligent is perpetually in the process of qualifying and on-boarding talented fabricators to ensure we are providing the greatest possible value to our customers. We serve as a central marketing hub for rapid manufacturing services, allowing for more efficient customer engagement. 3Diligent has deliberately structured its platform with recognition of the unique nature of on-demand digital manufacturing. And our fabrication partners are provided insights regarding how they are pricing relative to the market, as well as aggregate trends from 3Diligent deal flow!


Our Team and Advisors

cullen final

Cullen Hilkene


10 years of entrepreneurship and strategy and operations consulting experience across all markets . Entrepreneurial success recognized by the New York Times and Real Dealmagazine. M.B.A., UCLA Anderson. A.B., Princeton University....

Karthik Rajamony

Director of Technology

15+ Years building scalable marketplace and SaaS Software with Priceline/OpenTable, Symantec, and Bank of America

Wyatt Hilkene

Director of Operations

6+ years of operational expertise.  Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.


Scott Hilkene


35 years of entrepreneurship and business management. Successful exits of ~$50M (Heartland Corporation 2001) ... and ~$450M (Claire Sprayway, 2012). Key marketing executive for American European Advisors Private Equity.


Girish Venkat


More than 20 years of experience launching highly scalable, robust and secure applications ... . Original Chief Software Architect at Stamps.com. Former CTO at UberMedia. Founder, CEO, and Chief Architect at CoreObjects.


John Ferring


35 years of manufacturing and entrepreneurial experience. Chairman of PLZ Aeroscience ..., the largest aerosol contract packager in North America. Past and present experience serving on over fifteen corporate and charitable boards of directors.


Interested in an entrepreneurial environment surrounded by the most exciting, transformative technologies in the world? Discover current opportunities at 3Diligent!


With 3Diligent's unique perspective on the rapid manufacturing industry, we're a frequent contributor to industry publications as well as the focus of media.


3Diligent is located in El Segundo, California, just south of LAX in the Los Angeles metropolitan area - the nation's finest melting pot of creativity, design, and industry.

If you'd like to have 3Diligent support one of your manufacturing programs, email us or give us a call at (855) 302 -3339 x1. 

Interested in becoming one of our qualified fabrication partners?  Submit an application here, shoot us an email or give us a call at (855) 302 -3339 x2.

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