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To accelerate innovation by providing companies of all sizes seamless access to cutting edge rapid manufacturing services.  


At 3Diligent, we believe that amazing things can happen if we unleash the creativity of a generation of engineers and inventors.  We do that by providing them seamless access to cutting edge digital manufacturing equipment and the broadest array of materials possible.  We strive to improve product development and ongoing product lifecycle management by providing intuitive web tools, insightful consulting, and the highest quality parts, fast and at better, market-driven prices.

3Diligent, a network for industrial grade advanced manufacturing


Born to create market efficiency and advance innovative technologies

At the time of 3Diligent's founding, accessing cutting edge additive manufacturing technology was painful.  Some service bureaus had machines and availability, but the wrong material.  Others had the right material, but the wrong equipment.  Even when all the stars lined up, the pricing might be astronomically high, and seemingly similar offers from different service bureaus would be priced miles apart, leaving you confused as to what was going on.

There had to be a better way.  Engineers, inventors, plant managers and procurement agents deserved access to these emerging technologies without it costing them their sanity and depleting their budgets.  And to take it a step further, they deserved to access those technologies fast and in one convenient interface to accelerate their innovation timelines.  That was the inspiration for 3Diligent: Accelerating innovation democratizing access to cutting edge manufacturing technologies for companies large and small.

With 3Diligent, we wanted to provide our customers the opportunity to submit a single Request For Quote (RFQ) and we'd do the dirty work, leveraging data science and our expert team to identify the right machine, material, and production center for the job and proceed to quote the work.  In this way, companies and inventors could focus on bringing great products to market or fulfilling their part needs while we tackled the software development and relationship management required to manage hundreds of supply partners.

Our vision continues to this day, with our commitment to providing a superior customer experience, consistent quality, ever-expanding material and machinery options, and great value through the combined power of our fabrication network.  Whether you are seeking 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Casting, or Injection Molding, we have you covered.

Our Team and Advisors

cullen final

Cullen Hilkene


10 years of entrepreneurship and strategy and operations consulting experience across all markets . Entrepreneurial success recognized by the New York Times and Real Dealmagazine. M.B.A., UCLA Anderson. A.B., Princeton University....

anna final

Anna Villano

Director of Sales

20+ years of rapid manufacturing experience and sales leadership, across the medical, industrial, consumer, gaming, media, aerospace markets

wyatt final

Wyatt Hilkene

Director of Operations

6+ years of operational expertise.  Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

chris wentworth

Chris Wentworth

Engineering Lead

20+ years of service bureau experience bringing products to market

Corinne final

Corinne Tosaki

Technical Product Lead

More than 17 years of internet company experience. VP of Product Operations at Myspace ...Director of Project Management /Production Support at Spot Runner, an Advertising Marketplace.

david final

David Rodewald

PR/Marketing Lead

More than 15 years of internal and external PR/Marketing experience. MBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management


Scott Hilkene


35 years of entrepreneurship and business management. Successful exits of ~$50M (Heartland Corporation 2001) ... and ~$450M (Claire Sprayway, 2012). Key marketing executive for American European Advisors Private Equity.


Girish Venkat


More than 20 years of experience launching highly scalable, robust and secure applications ... . Original Chief Software Architect at Stamps.com. Former CTO at UberMedia. Founder, CEO, and Chief Architect at CoreObjects.


John Ferring


35 years of manufacturing and entrepreneurial experience. Chairman of PLZ Aeroscience ..., the largest aerosol contract packager in North America. Past and present experience serving on over fifteen corporate and charitable boards of directors.


3Diligent is located in El Segundo, California, just south of LAX in the Los Angeles metropolitan area - the nation's finest melting pot of creativity, design, and industry.

If you'd like to have 3Diligent support one of your manufacturing programs, email us or give us a call at (855) 302 -3339 x1. 

Interested in becoming one of our qualified fabrication partners?  Submit an application here, shoot us an email or give us a call at (855) 302 -3339 x2.

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