Bridge Production with Cast Urethanes and Production 3D Printing

For intermediate volumes and testing products in market, utilize our bridge production capabilities

If you are seeking part quantities in the dozens, hundreds, or low thousands, bridge broduction with Urethane Casting or Production 3D Printing may be just the solution you need. 

In the product development lifecycle, customers will typically prototype a number of product designs until they arrive at one that works.  Our 3D Printing and Machining capabilities are especially suited to addressing this phase.  But after a design has been established, a few questions often arise...

  • How many units of this part will my customers demand?
  • How soon will I want to introduce a new design to the market?
  • Is this really the "final final" design?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is "Not sure, that depends on customer feedback," then bridge production may be the answer for you.


silicone casting


Bridge production involves utilization of technologies 3Diligent offers that are designed specifically with intermediate volumes (dozens, hundreds, or low thousands) in mind.  

One technology commonly utilized for bridge production is commonly provided through our our cast urethane service.  Typically for order quantities in the dozens to hundreds, urethane casting calls for more expensive setup than 3D Printing - commonly fabrication of silicone or 3D printed molds - but this tooling is decidedly less expensive tooling than a steel injection molding tool.  Using these molds, materials like urethane and silicone can be cast.  Variable costs are higher than injection molding, but typically lower then 3D Printing, allowing for a sweet spot in the quantities mentioned.  Cast urethanes provide smooth surface finishes that feel and look like injection molded parts.  There are also biocompatible, flame retardant, transparent, and a wide variety of shore durometer options available, allowing for many functional applications.

In addition cast urethanes, 3Diligent is also a leader in production 3D Printing, with some of the latest technologies in the market.  3D Printers executing production runs are decidedly more expensive than desktop 3D Printers (typically $100K+) and designed with speed in mind.  For example, 3Diligent boasts a fleet of HP Multi Jet Fusion printers that were designed with production in mind.  For particular geometries - especially ones with lattices or cavities that make casting or machining them difficult - production volumes in the hundreds or thousands are sometimes best fabricated using 3D Printing. 


3Diligent offers the broadest range of rapid manufacturing technologies in one place.  To access our bridge production technologies or any others we offer, sign up for an account and submit an RFQ or learn more here