Urethane Casting

Cast Urethanes On-Demand

Looking for cast urethane parts?  3Diligent has you covered with a range of material options and techniques to deliver the finest polyurethane castings.  Read an Introduction to Urethane Casting and learn about 3Diligent's Urethane Casting capabilities below.


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Introduction to Urethane Casting

Commonly 3D Printing is best for one-off parts.  In that same breath, injection molding is best for mass manufacturing.  But what if you're not ready to make the investment in hard tooling and commit to thousands of units?  Or what if you'd like to get to market and start selling product while hard tooling for injection molding is underway?

For bridge production volumes in the dozens to thousands, urethane casting can sometimes provide an optimal solution.  Cast urethanes deliver the appearance, feel, and much of the durability of injection molded parts, but do not require the same amount of up front tooling cost.

The cast urethane process involves either a) 3D Printing a mold or b) 3D Printing a master pattern part, which is in turn used to create a silicone mold.  Once the mold is fabricated, two-part liquid polyurethane is poured into the negative space of the mold and placed in a heated pressure chamber to cure.  Polyurethane material options are numerous, with the ability to deliver various shore value hardness levels.  Cast urethanes can also deliver a range of performance characteristics, like heat and flame resistance, or biocompatibility for medical/food applications.

Once cured, cast urethane parts can be painted or textured, resulting in a finish that is effectively identical to an injection molded part and suitable for production applications.

3Diligent Material Options

3Diligent offers a range of cast urethane options.  These reflect a range of shore hardness values, flame resistance, biocompatibility, and colors.  If you are interested in exploring the range of cast urethane material options we offer, please visit our Resources Section to review the Machining and Molding Library.

3Diligent Urethane Casting Service

Beyond Urethane Casting

In addition to Urethane Casting, 3Diligent offers fabrication via other technologies such as 3D PrintingCNC Machining, and Injection Molding.

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