Electro-Discharge Machining Service (EDM)

CNC Machining Process

3Diligent's CNC EDM service is an effective option for delivering tremendous precision on parts made of electrically conductive material. 


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CNC EDM Overview

Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM) reigns in the realm of high accuracy projects. Also known as spark or ark machining, this process causes metal erosion through electrical discharge to achieve fine results. EDM typically finds use in high intricacy parts or instances that remove support material on metal 3d printed parts.


Branded Processes (Also Known As)

  • EDM
  • Wire EDM
  • Sinker EDM

Process At A Glance

Common Materials

All metals (aluminum, alloys, brass, steel, titanium, super alloys)

Standard Tolerance


Stock Surface Finish

~ 64 μin

Lead Time

Dependent on surface area

Maximum Size

Up to 1000 mm (41 inches)

Tightest Internal Corner Radius


Minimum Wall Thickness

~1/32" | 0.794mm

Close-up of the wire - EDM CNC machine while cutting the sample work pieces


  • Highly Accurate -  Tolerances as low at 0.001"
  • Cost Effective - Fast processing, turnaround, and less waste
  • No direct contact between workpiece and tool - Minimal residual stresses
  • Versatile - Multi-axis cutting allows for highly complex geometries
  • No burrs


  • Sharp Corners Difficult - Because of electrode wear on part
  • Conductive materials only


The EDM machine burns out openings in a shovel of the turbine of the aviation engine.
Operator uses an EDM electrode to make precision mold and die.

Example Machines

  • Mitsubishi Wire EDM BA24