Laser Cutting Service

CNC Machining Process

3Diligent's CNC Laser Cutting service is a quick, effective option for precise, intricate metal parts.  


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CNC Laser Cutting Overview

The CNC laser cutting process quickly cuts metals or plastics into intricate geometries with extremely tight tolerances. Using an ultra thin beam to cut into the material, this subtractive manufacturing technology can produce highly accurate designs with smooth finishes.

3Diligent CNC Laser Cutting

Process At A Glance

Common Materials

Titanium alloys, Alloy Steel, Aluminum alloys, Brass, Carbon Steel, Copper, Stainless Steel

Stock Surface Finish

~ 3.2 μm Ra

Minimum Wall Thickness

~ 0.039"

A stainless steel metal part, cut through CNC Laser processes.


  • Highly accurate -  Tolerances as low as 0.005"
  • No direct contact between workpiece and cutting tool - Low risk of contamination
  • Fast - laser cutting processes tend to be faster than milling
  • Safe - beam is sealed in a tight box


  • Heat-affected zone - Even in areas that are not directly melted, the cutting process may impact the underlying microstructure
  • Power consumption - Machines are electricity hungry
  • Environmental impact - Significant usage of CO2
  • Thick metals difficult - Very thick metals are difficult to cut with a laser


A CNC fiber laser cutting a stainless pipe.
A CNC Laser Cutting machine operating on a 2D axis.

Example Machines

  • 4500 Watt Mitsubishi 3-axis Laser Cutter