CNC Turning Service

CNC Machining Process

3Diligent's CNC Turning Service is a cost effective option for circular and rounded parts.


Don't care to learn about all the specifics...just need some great lathed parts?  

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CNC Turning Overview

This CNC process carves round and circular-shaped metals or plastics into more precise geometries with smooth, tight tolerances. Commonly refereed to as lathing, this subtractive manufacturing technology can leverage symmetry along a singular axis to quickly and effectively produce its shapes. The main difference between CNC turning and milling is that turning require the workpiece to rotate around a fixed lathe tool whereas milling is the opposite operation. Common applications include shafts and tubing.

Steel Machining

Branded Processes (Also Known As)

  • Swiss Screw
  • Lathe

Process At A Glance

Common Materials

Carbon steels, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, thermoplastics

Standard Tolerance

0.005" (0.0005" possible)

Stock Surface Finish

~3.2 µm Ra

Minimum Wall Thickness



  • Highly accurate -  Tolerances as low at 0.0005"
  • Complex round contours - Easily machinable
  • Rounded designs - Machinable with fast turnaround


  • Programming needed - Turning systems require input by expert machinists before parts can be processed
  • Only creates parts symmetrically


Example Machines

  • Swiss Screw
  • Turning
  • Bridgeport Lathe
  • Doosan Turning Center
  • Fadal Turning Center
  • Genos L200E-M
  • Genos L250
  • Genos L3000
  • Genos L300-M
  • Genos L400
  • HJ-250E Horizontal Lathe
  • Hyudai Wia L300A Lathe
  • LB2000 EX-II CNC Lathe
  • LB2500 EX-II CNC Lathe
  • LB3000 EX-II LB35III Horizontal Lathe
  • LB4000 EX-II CNC Lathe
  • LB45III Horizontal Lathe
  • LeBlond Lathe Okuma 3-Axis Lathe
  • SL 1500 CNC Lathe