Water Jetting Service

CNC Machining Process


3Diligent's CNC Water Jetting Service is an effective option for creating high integrity parts. This process doesn't create a heat-affected zones, sustaining the intrinsic material properties of the work piece.  


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CNC Water Jetting Overview

This process of spraying abrasive material in a focused jet of water rapidly removes material. Generally suited for 2-Dimensional cutting, waterjetting doesn't require special tooling and generally doesn't require post-processing. Non-abrasive water jetting can achieve widths as small as 0.003".

3Diligent Water Jetting

Also Known As

  • Abrasive Water Jetting
  • High Pressure Water Cutting
  • Water Cutting

Process At A Glance

Common Materials

Aluminum alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel alloys, titanium

Standard Tolerance


Stock Surface Finish

Surface Finish is Stock.  Cuts leave surface roughness of ~6.3 µm R

Minimum Feature Size

Cuts as thin as .03"

Maximum Sheet Thickness



  • Highly accurate -  Tolerances as low at 0.005"
  • Green technology - Little water and power consumption
  • Less heat used
  • Material variety - cuts almost any material


  • Asymmetrical parts difficult - difficult to program, especially if they are 3 dimensional
  • Less accuracy with greater thickness - the thicker the material, the harder to control tolerances
  • Orifice failure - low quality water jets have the tendency to break down
Hydroabrasive treatment

Example Machines

  • Omax 55100
  • Flow Mach 3