Sheet Metal Service

If you are looking for custom sheet metal fabrication, 3Diligent offers a range of solutions for you. Our sheet metal service offers all of the major operations involved in prepping, forming, and combining sheet metal into end use products.  We deliver sheet metal parts fast and at competitive prices.


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Sheet Metal Service: Process Overview

Creating sheet metal parts involves taking the raw, flat stocks of a given metal and forming them into a final design through a series of processes. The first step typically consists of machining away material from a flat sheet of metal.  Secondly, the machined sheet is then formed into the desired shape.  Lastly, in some cases, the machined and formed parts are assembled into a final product.

Material Removal

The most typical material removal processes include CNC milling, laser cutting, and waterjetting to remove material in a 2D axis from the stock sheet metal.

Material Deformation

Sheet metal deformation comprises of machine controlled operations to meld metal into a desired shape. Many processes can be used, including machine workflows similar to automated vehicle assembly lines. Alternately, deformations can be guided by hand.


Lastly, the deformed and machined pieces of sheet metal are constructed together to form end use parts and products.

Process At A Glance

Common Materials

Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass

Standard Tolerance

0.005 — 0.01"

Stock Surface Finish

< 40 µin

Lead Time

As low as 4 business days

Minimum Wall Thickness

~ 0.01 — 0.02"


  • Cost effective if product has standard thickness throughout and can be deformed or cut into the appropriate shape



  • Not a viable option if part geometry is not a standard thickness throughout
  • Limited to certain metal alloys