Revolutionized communication in digital manufacturing

What is CONNECT?

A Next Generation Interface Connecting Buyers and Manufacturers of Custom Parts and Products

There are many things that the pandemic has made clear, and one of them is that product development and sourcing the old way isn't really an option.

ProdEX CONNECT and Shopsight CONNECT bring unprecedented speed and efficiency to teams working with ongoing, hands-on projects that require more than a plug-and-click quote.


How it Works

CONNECT exist on both the buyer side and the manufacturing side of, respectively, 3Diligent's ProdEX and Shopsight applications, allowing quotes, notes, certifications, and integrated Zoom video chats to be shared by both parties.


Why should I use CONNECT?

Shopsight users can benefit from receiving ProdEX job opportunities to fill their sales funnel and gain access to powerful research tools within 3Depot—an easier path to identifying and purchasing material and technology solutions. Together, it is a sum greater than its parts.

Simply put, some digital manufacturing projects can be too complicated for simple quoting and customer-to-vendor referrals. ProdEX CONNECT addresses this issue head on with this subscription tier, allowing direct communication between vendors and customers. Ensure the perfect part is manufactured with you vendor for dialogue and back-n-forth based projects.


Product Designers | Sales Engineers | Shop Floor Engineers | Everyday Consumers


Everyone. Contact us to see if CONNECT's features will benefit your operations, no matter your department.