CONNECT for ProdEX and Shopsight Users

CONNECT Solutions

For customers interested in product development, ProdEX Connect is the perfect solution. 

Solutions for Buyers

3Diligent has found many job types are too complicated for simple quoting and customer-to-vendor referrals. The recent release of ProdEX Connect addresses this issue. In this subscription tier, vendors can speak directly with the customer to ensure perfect part manufacturing, a defining characteristic of the 3Diligent approach, and not offered through any competing procurement service provider in the market.


Solutions for Suppliers

Benefiting each of the ProdEX options is their close integration with Shopsight software. Shopsight is the manufacturing execution software designed and developed by 3Diligent based on more than 6 years of working closely with service bureaus, job shops, and machine shops to fulfill ProdEX production requests. Using fully integrated Zoom video conferencing, the supplier provides a more personalized and user-friendly experience — essential when fulfilling high-touch ProdEX prototypes or production runs.