Topological Optimization

Refine Your Designs

Seeking to refine an existing design for additive manufacturing? Topological optimization—the process of taking a specific design and refining its geometry to optimize for a given set of considerations—is something 3Diligent design consulting can help you with.


Topological optimization describes the process of taking an existing design and optimizing it for specific applications, typically through the use of advanced software to achieve specific performance characteristics. In this way, it shares certain characteristics with generative design, with the primary difference being that we start the process with a pre-existing design concept rather than generate a design from the ground up.


If you have an existing product design—whether in production or in a concept stage—you can share it with the 3Diligent design consulting's team. From there, we will develop an understanding of the part's current function, desired characteristics, and any other key considerations that may factor into our design thinking such as the intended material or total volume of parts anticipated. This will, in turn, allow us to assess which manufacturing process will be optimal for your particular program and use the appropriate design rules to quickly and effectively arrive at a viable design for that material-process combination. We will then use the combination of our design team's expertise and our various software tools to drive toward design concepts that holistically address the goals you have set out.

Topological optimization projects benefit from the existence of 3Diligent manufacturing—which we will work closely with to ensure your design is manufactured as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


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