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Supporting Designers, R&D, Procurement, and Inventors Across Industries

3Diligent was designed to be the ultimate direct digital manufacturing service with you - the customer - in mind.  Through our secure, encrypted web interface, submit a single RFQ describing your project needs.  Through the power of our knowledgeable team and proprietary algorithms, we are able to assess your project, identify optimal solutions, and present quotes for the highest quality manufacturing services.  Because of the convenience and value we are able to create, our service has been added to the preferred supplier lists of hundreds of companies across the medical, industrial, automotive, consumer products, energy, and aerospace industries.  Whether you are seeking 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Casting or Injection Molding, we have the machinery and materials to meet and exceed the expectations for your program.



Every vendor on the 3Diligent platform has gone through a thorough vetting process to confirm the quality of their craftsmanship and expertise in the realm of rapid manufacturing. A significant number of 3Diligent vendors carry formal quality certifications, such as ISO9001, AS9100, and ISO13485.  3Diligent sees to it that your satisfaction is reached on every order, providing an on-time, to-spec guarantee with every 3Diligent Direct order.


3Diligent’s supplier base is broad, ensuring that regardless of the material or rapid manufacturing process desired, 3Diligent should be able to meet your needs. 3Diligent offers two primary services to ensure that whatever the type of support you seek, we're able to offer it.  With 3D Direct, expect hands-on, end-to-end project management support.  With 3D Marketplace, expect incredibly fast bids and turnaround times.


3Diligent doesn't focus on price, but it does believe in the power of the free market to drive value.  By serving as a sales, marketing, development, and QA partner at scale, 3Diligent allows its suppliers to focus on building great parts at fair prices.  Plus, 3Diligent leverages the right size partner for each job, meaning you don't get caught paying for unnecessary overhead.  It all adds up to savings for you.


How the platform works for customers

Build RFQ

Using our streamlined RFQ Engine, outline the specifics of your program.

Engage with our Customer Support Team

Communicate any questions and clarify project specifics

Receive Bid

We will issue you one or possibly more proposed fabrication options.

Accept a Bid

Accept the quote through the platform, for easy transactions and tracking.


We acknowledge that the fabrication center is prepping for your project.


Parts are fabricated per the agreed upon bid details.

Complete and Ship

The parts are shipped to your door to meet the stated delivery deadline. 

Quality Assurance

Customers receive and inspect parts.  If there is an issue, we'll see that you end up happy.

Is There a Cost?

There is no cost to sign up for 3Diligent or submit RFQs.  The price for fabrication and delivery of a project is clearly communicated in each bid, including any taxes or shipping fees.


Sign up and see how much 3Diligent can accelerate your business with superior rapid manufacturing.  Or if you'd still like to learn more, email us to share more about your project or lingering questions, or simply call (855) 302 -3339 x1. We look forward to connecting with you.