What is CNC Cutting

Posted on Feb 09, 2021 by Kieran Vaughn

What is CNC Cutting?

Whether manual or CNC driven, cutting involves the removal of material from the workpiece using one or more tool points. Many materials can be cut through this process, but the cutting tool must be of a harder element than the material it is cutting, be able to withstand the extreme heat generated, and stand up to the force necessary to execute the cutting process.

3Diligent example processes: waterjet cutting

Here, we present an overview of each of the major subtractive manufacturing processes that we offer. Click into any of these process options for more information, or simply submit an RFQ and our team will assess the optimal solution for your particular application.


Laser Cutting

CNC laser cuttingLaser cutting is the process of removing material from a part utilizing a guided laser. Applications run from hobbyist wood engraving to industrial, multi-axis laser cutting machines for heavier projects.



3Diligent example processes: sawingAs the blade comes into contact with the material, the blade removes a narrow swath creating two or more pieces or removing a piece called a cut-off. Sawing is a process used independently or to augment other manufacturing processes.

Waterjet Cutting

This cnc process jets water and highly pressured abrasive material to cut into a variety of workpieces, including metal or granite. Generally suited for 2D cutting, waterjet cutting doesn’t require special tooling and generally doesn’t require post-processing. Non-abrasive water jetting can achieve widths as small as 0.003″.


CNC Cutting is an established and efficient solution in the CNC space that offers different, unique finishes compared to other machining processes. Consider submitting an RFQ through manufacturing services such as ProdEX to get started today.

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