What is Silicone Casting?

Posted on Apr 03, 2020 by Cullen Hikene

Silicone casting is a simple and accurate casting process that will forgive many mistakes. The silicone rubber material comes in two components that mix by a volume ratio of 1:1. Propanol alcohol is used to clean the polymers before they cure. The casting material used to make parts also mixes on a volume basis of 1:1.

3Diligent example process: urethane casting

What are the Different Types of Silicone Casting Processes?

  1. Soft Tool Casting (Silicone Tool)

What are the Advantages of Silicone Casting?

  • Accurate. Highly precise part creation with complex geometries available, even at higher batch sizes.
  • Great for Prototypes. Relatively short lead times for silicone casting processes allow prototypes to be deployed and tested quickly in the product development lifecycle.
  • High Quality and Flexibility. Resins can be manipulated and engineered to achieve a variety of material characteristics specific to the needs of the project.

What are the Limitations of Silicone Casting?

  • Higher Cost. Silicone casting usually features a higher startup cost than urethane casting methods.
  • Shrinkage. Some shrinkage, ~1%, can occur when using tin-cured silicone rubber.


Key Metrics

Standard Tolerance

Lead Time
15 Business Days

Maximum Size

Minimum Feature Size

Minimum Wall Thickness


Silicone casting is an established technology in the casting space that brings new-age materials to this traditional foundry process. Consider submitting an RFQ through manufacturing services such as ProdEX to get started today.

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