3Diligent Featured on Built in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a large and growing home for young businesses, recognized as one of the top startup ecosystems in the world. Part of what gives LA its vibrancy is its position at the confluence of media, design, software, and hardware.

Serving as that crossroads helps explain why LA is home to 3Diligent and a number of other cutting edge 3D Printing startups. A number of these were highlighted in Built in LA’s article, “7 LA startups pioneering the 3D printing industry” last month.

Built In LA is an online community offering the number one job board for tech talent, creates and curates exclusive content on local startups, hosts monthly events and publishes data on the LA tech sector. Here’s what Built in LA had to say about us:

3Diligent is a 3D printing marketplace that acts as a sort of Lyft for companies in need of rapid manufacturing technologies. The El Segundo-based startup partners with companies to help them find the ideal 3D solution via a network of supply partners.

You can read the full article here and stay tuned for more coverage on 3Diligent.

3Diligent Takes on MD&M West 2017

This week we’ll be taking a short drive to Anaheim, Calif. where we’re be exhibiting at the largest medical design & manufacturing conference in the US. The MD&M West Conference brings together over 20,000 engineers and executives to discuss ways to advance device concepts, develop user-centric design processes, improve production, and evaluate post-market issues.

The timing is good too because we’ve just spent a significant amount of time analyzing trends in pricing and materials from our supplier bids and customer orders in 2016 and we’ll have some interesting data to share with some of the trade press editors we’ll meet at the show. Watch this blog as I will be posting more about that shortly.

3Diligent will be exhibiting in booth 3526 where we’ll showcase our wide array of plastic and metal rapid manufacturing technologies, which we recently expanded to provide the most comprehensive range of 3D printing options of any service or service provider. We even combine the two with our metal plating of resin and plastic parts and our metal casting of wax-printed parts.

3D printing in the medical industry is booming right now and we’re excited to share what 3Diligent can do and to hear what else is happening in the industry. We’d love for you to stop by the booth to see what 3Diligent has in store for the coming year and to discuss the impact of 3D printing and the prominent trends for 2017.

See you in Anaheim!

3Diligent Featured in EBN Article

A short while ago, I was interviewed by Gary Hilson with EBN, the premier online community for global supply chain professionals.  The result of our conversation is this article, which I hope you’ll check out.

He asked some great questions about the state of 3D Printing and we covered a lot of ground.  In the article – “Additive 3D Printing Creates Another Supply Chain Tier” – Gary captures the current state of the market and how it’s evolving.  In our view, and that of many of our customers, the sheer proliferation of CAD-driven technologies is too much for most companies to keep track of, let alone invest in.  That has created a spot for 3Diligent to provide unique value to customers with a business model and approach that is specifically suited to this paradigm shift toward digital and bespoke manufacturing.  There’s a bit of content in there about GE’s purchase of printer manufacturers Arcam and Concept Laser GmbH (more on that in this blog post) and 3Diligent’s latest announcement about our broadened range of metal rapid manufacturing options.  The article also features commentary from Jon Harrop, director at market research firm IDTechEx, who shared his take on 3D printing, materials used and its impact on the supply chain.

Have a look at Gary’s full article here.