Announcing 3Diligent Now Quoting Capability

Announcing 3Diligent Now Quoting Capability

3Diligent customers, we are excited to announce today the soft launch of 3Diligent Now, our rapid quoting service!

The Background

Since 3Diligent was founded, we have utilized the power of our software and extensive qualified network to provide  customers with one-stop access to a range of digital manufacturing technologies.  However, we were dependent on our fabrication partners for our quotes, and that adds time to the process.  Through analysis of thousands of project opportunities and close relationships with our fabrication partners, we are now able to offer bids on the spot, saving our customers valuable time.

How does it work?

Upon receipt of a request for quote (RFQ), the 3Diligent team will assess the request.  If it fits the criteria of programs we can quote instantly, we will do so.

Which projects are eligible for 3Diligent Now quotes?

Most 3D Printing projects can be instantly quoted.  Notable exceptions are very large programs and projects with significant finishing or tolerance requirements that will require a significant amount of post-process finishing.

What do you need to do?

3Diligent customers will use the same RFQ process to get 3Diligent Now quotes.  If your program does not have specific finishing or tolerance requirements, simply skip the second page of the RFQ process and go to the summary screen.

A Disclaimer About 3Diligent Now Quotes

While we have tested our pricing algorithm to be very reliable, a small percentage of the time we may not be able to place an accepted bid for the quoted price.  In such an event, we will revert to you within six hours that we need to adjust the specifics of the bid.  If you would like to cancel an accepted order in such an event, you will be fully refunded the cost of the transaction.

We’re excited to share this new offering with you and look forward to your feedback!