3Diligent Releases State of Professional and Industrial 3D Printing Report

Make Better 3D Printing Decisions: 3Diligent’s State of Professional and Industrial 3D Printing Special Report is now Available

Earlier this month we announced initial findings from our “State of Professional and Industrial 3D Printing Report,” and today we’re pleased to share that the full report is complete and available for download.

The report is compiled of data analyzed from a sampling of 1000 bids and 100 orders over the period of 2015-2016.  The report covers the 3D printing hype cycle, the emergence of metal printing, the state of polymer printing, pricing variability, along with critical analysis from 3Diligent’s CEO Cullen Hilkene detailing the implications of these findings.

Here’s an excerpt:

For the past several years, there has been a lot of talk about metal printing, but there have also been some persistent questions in the market as to whether there was real substance behind the news headlines.  After all, it’s been several years since we all heard the first exciting stories of lightweight aerospace parts and next-generation medical implants, but finding business people – let alone end consumers – who can say that metal 3D Printed parts meaningfully impact their day-to-day life is a challenge. 

The activity we have seen suggests that the interest and use for metal printing truly is growing rapidly.  While metal printing does not yet represent the lion’s share of 3Diligent projects, it is far and away the fastest growing material category.  This confirms that metal printing is not simply a curiosity, but is growing in interest and traction with customers. 

You may download the report by following this link…

3Diligent State of Professional and Industrial 3D Printing Special Report