A Look at the Features of ProdEX

Posted on Apr 14, 2020 by Cullen Hikene

A comprehensive look into the new 3Diligent’s new procurement service

In this article, we will spell out what 3Diligent ProdEX is, who typically uses it, when it’s used, where jobs are fulfilled, and why customers choose it.

What is ProdEX?

ProdEX is a digital manufacturing service. Developed by 3Diligent, ProdEX is an Industry 4.0 solution designed to help companies and product developers who seek the on-demand fabrication of custom manufactured parts. Some liken it to Airbnb, Uber, or Amazon, in the sense that it provides a single streamlined portal to procure products and services from third party providers.  ProdEX leverages more than 350 manufacturers around the planet to fulfill ProdEX orders.

Who Uses ProdEX?

ProdEX is commonly used by mechanical engineers and procurement agents. It is also frequently used by small business owners that may fulfill those roles within their organizations. Lastly, it is commonly used by operations managers. The use cases for the different parties vary, but in each case, organizations around the world leverage the ability of ProdEX to consistently deliver quality parts, affordably and efficiently.  This ranges from rapid prototyping to custom tooling to scale production.

How to Submit Quotes and Get Parts

The advantage of ProdEX is its procurement efficiency. Within the portal, customers use a combination of tools to articulate the exact requirements of their RFQ. This includes defining exactly which types of facilities are eligible to manufacture your products and defining the specific materials or equipment you require – or alternatively the broad material families or manufacturing processes eligible to complete the work. Leveraging the power of the 3Diligent Vulcury Engine, the requests are then queried against a massive database of eligible manufacturers to deliver a rapid quote, actionable by the customer. With the power of our cloud computing, quotes are often instant or otherwise turned around within a matter of hours.

Where is ProdEX?

ProdEX has a network of about 350 manufacturing partners across 20 countries and six continents. Customers using the service can select/deselect countries for eligibility to manufacture their products through the RFQ profile tool within the site.

At this time, the service primarily focuses on US-based customers but 3Diligent’s global manufacturing network allows it to support multinational organizations with global footprints. Companies outside the United States seeking to use the service may do so but should recognize the response may be more limited in their market. However, all program opportunities will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Why Use ProdEX?

Engineers and procurement officials commonly use ProdEX because of the sheer efficiency and value it brings. Due to the tremendous breadth of available rapid-manufacturing materials and technologies, it is also extraordinarily convenient.  You are able to access many technologies and materials not commonly available.

In addition to the convenience of having so many options in one place, the service brings a bundle of additional key benefits. Top among them is quality. Due to the qualification process used to vet every vendor in the ProdEX manufacturing network, customers can expect high-quality outfits, even at extremely competitive prices. This is in part due to the close coupling of ProdEX with 3Diligent Shopsight, our custom ERP solution for manufacturers.

You can expect a rapid turnaround. Due to the distributed nature of these products that work with more than a thousand machines, backlog issues are rarely an issue. This provides scalability and flexibility benefits. The tremendous depth and geographic breadth of the ProdEX offering make it somewhat immune to supply-chain disruption, primed and ready to scale up manufacturing when companies require a rapid response. No example of this is more obvious than ProdEX’s involvement in the Covid-19 PPE shortage response.


3Diligent ProdEX builds upon more than five years of 3Diligent success in the distributed digital-manufacturing industry. It has created a massively streamlined procurement experience for customers unrivaled in the industry. Customers interested in submitting an RFQ should create an account

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