How 3Diligent ProdEX Delivers The Highest Quality Parts and Products

Posted on Aug 23, 2021 by Cullen Hikene

When we set out to build 3Diligent, we made a commitment to always emphasize quality and service first.  As a marketplace, service is implied – typically it’s a much faster and more convenient way to access products and services.  But when it comes to quality, how is that ensured?  In fact, there are several ways that utilizing the 3Diligent manufacturing platform, specifically our ProdEX procurement software and service, can take your custom parts procurement to the next level.  Read on to learn how…

Qualified Suppliers

The first way 3Diligent ProdEX ensures quality is to only utilize qualified suppliers.  It’s not rocket science that if you want quality parts, you need to work with manufacturers that not only care about quality but have demonstrated the ability to deliver quality.

That’s why every supplier in the ProdEX Manufacturing Network has been qualified by our team before they are ever given the opportunity to support a client project. During qualification, ProdEX suppliers deliver a comprehensive overview of their business, including the machines, materials, certifications, and other areas of domain expertise that they offer.

That provides a useful starting point.  But as we all know, the proof is in the pudding. That is why any supplier interested in supporting ProdEX projects must deliver a test program on time and to spec.   After a manufacturer has have completed their initial qualification, it is a gradual trust-building exercises with those suppliers.  Over the better part of a decade, we have been gathering feedback from our customers as well as visiting suppliers and logging feedback of our own to deeply understand their respective strengths and weaknesses.  All of this is considered whenever we choose a partner for a given project opportunity.

 Supplier and Certification Controls

In addition to us knowing critical details about suppliers, we also provide you the opportunity to put restrictions around the suppliers that we leverage on a given program. This is a feature available on our PM and Connect offerings (not AUTO). As you will see, after logging the project basics, there is an optional screen where you can specify such things as the geography of the supplier or the specific quality certifications that they carry. In addition to this, you can specify exactly which paperwork needs to accompany the parts for your program. Should you need material certifications, inspection certifications, certificates of conformance, or otherwise, you are given the tools to place those demands.

 The Shopsight Advantage

An additional key benefit of working with ProdEX for your custom manufacturing needs is the fact that every manufacturer who fulfills a program has access to quality management software in the form of Shopsight.  Shopsight is a shop management software that was custom built to support the challenges of custom manufacturing. Within the software, suppliers are given the ability to create job routers and log their progress against them. With the structural components, suppliers can achieve higher levels of quality than doing things in an ad hoc and my structured fashion. In the end this means higher quality parts and more on-time deliveries.

 3Diligent Connect

In addition to empowering the suppliers fulfilling ProdEX jobs with Shopsight quality management software, we take things even a step farther than our competitors when it comes to giving you the opportunity to speak directly with suppliers. We do this using our 3Diligent Connect offering. As you create an RFQ in ProdEX, you can choose to submit that RFQ using our Connect workflow. Connect requests will be directly routed to Shopsight subscribers who can then engage you directly using the connections created across our software platform. This is critically important for certain R&D and production programs where working directly with the supplier is very important.  To the best of our knowledge, 3Diligent is unique in giving this opportunity for you to engage suppliers directly.  So when you’d rather not leverage our project management experts and instead juggle supplier relations directly, this is a great way to go, while still leveraging all the tracking and tracing benefits that our platform provides.

Summary: An Unmatched Industry 4.0 Sourcing Solution for Quality Custom Parts and Products

Over the last few paragraphs, we have outlined how 3Diligent ProdEX is able to deliver you quality that goes beyond what is readily achievable by working with a manufacturer directly or leveraging any of the other Custom Manufacturing marketplaces that currently exist. 3Diligent offers the rare combination of a qualified manufacturing network, the tools to help you select which manufacturers in our network are eligible to complete your job, the tools to enable those manufacturers to deliver quality parts on time and to spec, and the opportunity to engage suppliers directly with our Connect offering. Add it all up, and there is no better solution on the market for getting quality custom manufactured parts.

If you aren’t already signed up for a free ProdEX account, get signed up in no time.

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How 3Diligent ProdEX Delivers The Highest Quality Parts and Products

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When we set out to build 3Diligent, we made a commitment to always emphasize quality and service first.  As

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