Submitting a ProdEX RFQ: Material Selection

Posted on Jul 01, 2020 by Cullen Hikene

The ProdEX material tool is among the most powerful—but potentially most confusing – aspects of creating an RFQ.  This blog post sets out to empower you to make the most of the sourcing engine!

Check out this video that steps you through the process, or read on below…


After you’ve uploaded defined an RFQ profile (Connect or PM RFQs) or had one defined for you (Auto RFQs), you’re given the opportunity to upload CAD files.  Then you’re dropped into the RFQ details page.  Here, you can confirm the dimensions of the file (middle left), upload PDF drawings or pictures (PM and Connect only, bottom left), and specify additional information about the part on the right.

There are only a few things we need to issue a quote: a viable CAD file, a quantity, a shipping destination, and a material.  Today’s post steps you through picking a material.

When you click into the material tool, you’re taken to a screen that can at first be a bit intimidating.  We offer nearly 1000 different material options, so sorting through the list can be arduous.  Don’t!  😉

Your first step should be to enter in a keyword search.  This will limit the number of options substantially – by trimming the list only to those branded materials that include that keyword in their material profile.

The next step is to decide what level of specificity you need of this material, and select from the appropriate column accordingly.  Extending in-house capacity and badly need something to be made of the same material from the same manufacturer?  Better click the circle above Branded Material to select exactly that material.  Don’t care so long as it’s metal?  Click the Material Type column heading and select “Metal” from that list.  OK with something in between?  select from the Generic Name, Material Class, or Material Family columns to meet your needs.

The farther to the right you’re comfortable going, the faster and more cost effectively we’ll be able to fulfill your request.  The farther to the left you go, the more you’ll know about the end product you receive.

Once you’ve picked a column, check the boxes of the options that are viable for you.  You can pick up to 5.

Lastly, click ADD TO RFQ.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll be dropped back into the RFQ details page, where you can now click SUBMIT RFQ!


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