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The industry Leader

For engineers and buyers, 3Diligent’s ProdEX service makes purchasing custom parts a seamless and secure experience that lives up to Industry 4.0’s billing. This is due not only to the incredible breadth of options provided through ProdEX, but also the various options ProdEX offers its users that enable them to meet the demanding requirements of their project. No platform offering is useful without a dynamic network of suppliers to support the needs of its customers, so the ProdEX vendor network contains hundreds of manufacturers around the world, spanning six continents.
This manufacturer network includes thousands of machines and is growing daily. With this tremendous breadth of manufacturing partners comes an extensive collection of manufacturing options. Included among these are 3D printing, casting, injection molding, finishing, and CNC machining services, including cutting, forming, and punching. Customers can couple equipment processes with hundreds of material options, including plastics, resins, metals, and ceramics—more than 500 branded materials!

How Does ProdEX Work?

With an expansive offering of technologies and services, identifying the right solutions might be a challenge. This is where ProdEX stands superiors to the competition. Using a secure portal, ProdEX customers submit an RFQ one of three ways, depending on the nature of their project: ProdEX Auto, ProdEX Connect, and ProdEX PM—each tailored to different project needs.


ProdEX Connect

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For customers interested in product development, ProdEX Connect is the perfect solution. While other ProdEX services rely on the ProdEX team for supplier management, ProdEX Connect changes the game for manufacturing platforms by providing customers free tools to submit RFQs to suppliers already in their vendor list and engage with them through integrated Zoom videoconferencing and screen sharing tool. It is a process that facilitates seamless online purchasing and fulfillment using the ProdEX interface and workflows. 

Customers without identified suppliers have the option of being introduced to qualified ProdEX suppliers for a fee, and 3Diligent collects a small payment-processing fee from the customer and a subscription fee from suppliers.   

3Diligent has found many job types are too complicated for simple quoting and customer-to-vendor referrals. The recent release of ProdEX Connect addresses this issue. In this subscription tier, vendors can speak directly with the customer to ensure perfect part manufacturing, a defining characteristic of the 3Diligent approach, and not offered through any competing procurement service provider in the market. 



Customers with defined requirements that would rather outsource project management to the ProdEX team use 3Diligent ProdEX PM. This product is especially suited to companies that have defined a production-spec but want to use the global ProdEX production network to fulfill customer demand in scale. 3Diligent charges a token engineering fee for reviewing the program but subsequently bundles project-management expenses into the customer’s quotes.

ProdEX Connect technology screen


ProdEX Auto

For customers seeking quotes for new product development (Rough Order of Magnitude budgeting), those in need of rapid prototyping, or those with production requirements that are not particularly stringent, ProdEX Auto provides the best solution. Using this quoting system, customers can submit their part CAD file and have a quote in seconds. Upon acceptance of the quote, ProdEX fulfills the work as efficiently as possible, tapping into its global network of digital-manufacturing partners.


The Shopsight Advantage

Benefiting each of the ProdEX options is their close integration with Shopsight software.  Shopsight is the manufacturing execution software designed and developed by 3Diligent based on more than 6 years of working closely with service bureaus, job shops, and machine shops to fulfill ProdEX production requests.  Within Shopsight are tools designed to support manufacturers with effective project assessment, estimation, job routing, quality assurance, and audit trails.  So whenever a customer purchases a part or product through ProdEX, they know that the manufacturer on the other side has a comprehensive quality management system at their disposal to ensure a great output, every time.

“Having the ProdEX team select a few suppliers with different technologies and strengths opened up new possibilities that I wouldn’t have thought of.”
Doug Bartow, President, Upscale Pet Products